Friday, January 02, 2009

Setting the tone

They say what you do on the first day of the new year sets the tone for the remainder of the year. Checking over yesterday, I find it was relaxing, fun and completely uneventful! On December 31, 2009, I hope to be able to write that same sentence about the year, as a whole.

My day was filled with much of the usual - cooking, laundry, some vacuuming, and dishes. No surprise here. This is such a natural part of my daily routine that it would have marked a decidedly different year for me if I hadn't.

But there were some unexpected moments, too. We had overnight guests, long-time friends of ours, who spent New Year's Eve with us. Not only do I hope this friendship has been rekindled, but I hope to spend more time with friends, spontaneously, this year. The cackling and laughing was of epic proportions, something that brought to light that I don't do very much laughing any more. That has got to change.

I don't know how I managed this either, since I didn't hit the bed until about 2 am, but I wasn't tired. Not one moment during the entire day. And, I wasn't all hyped up on caffeine, either. That would be a tremendous bonus for this year! I think I spent most of last year trying to find my way through the morning fog until my java fix kicked in. Then, would drag myself through the afternoon slump until dinner time. Collapsing in my own bed as soon as the kids were their beds at 8. Yeah, that definitely has to change.

And, there was time with family. Mom, John, Colby and Gray came over for lunch. Strained relationships did not always allow for me to spend time with my favorite niece and nephew last year. This first day visit, I hope, bodes well for 2009. I also sat on my sofa and just talked to my mom, not feeling the pressure to also accomplish some other task in the process. It was lovely.

I think the tradition of making a New Year's resolution has passed in some ways. As most resolutions are broken or forgotten by the end of January, is there really a purpose in them? We set goals for ourselves all year and I find that those set anywhere except January 1 tend to be a tad more successful. I wonder why that is?

But, despite my near animosity toward resolutions, I am still inclined to toy with the idea of setting some goals. And.....drum roll they are:

1. To laugh more, enjoy life more. To be more spontaneous.

2. To document my life more consistently whether in blogging, scrapbooking or other means.

3. To serve others in my community. To find my place, my niche, which I currently don't have.

4. To find myself spiritually again. This became a little muddled in 2008. Note to self: future blog topic.

5. OK, so this is silly, but well, I will still type it despite a very high probability of being ridiculed for it - to be able to play ONE song on the drums at the expert level of Rock Band.

And, #6, Get rid of this squirrel!

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Angela said...

You better hope that Jay doesn't see your resolution about the squirrel. I about fell over laughing when he asked the squirrel if he wanted "Daddy" to feed him a nut.