Thursday, January 22, 2009

Little Lessons

Random lessons I have learned recently that might be of benefit to know:

1. Based on experience, a toothbrush (discarded after use) and bleach are the only ways to get poop cleaned out of whirlpool tub jets.

2. Boys can be way more dramatic than girls.

3. Squirrels drink a lot of water. I could really make this whole list about squirrels, but will refrain.

4. A man, a chainsaw and an ATV can be a scary combination.

5. No matter where I go in my house, my children will find me in less than 90 seconds.

6. You can either live to eat or eat to live. It makes a difference.

7. Red dyed drinks are a pox to humanity. A leaking cup of red drink in a cart full of groceries is a major, major mess to you, your groceries and the poor employee who must follow your trail throughout the store with a mop.

8. Words of encouragement, affirmation and appreciation can never be heard enough.

9. Every child will decide they hate every single food, including their favorite, at some point in their lives so at some point every food has been hated. Don't believe them!

10. Every person in your circle brings something to your life. When they are gone, that something usually goes with them, never forgotten, yet never experienced in that form again.

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