Saturday, January 17, 2009

Trapping the Giants

This morning, I was sitting at the kitchen counter, finishing up my rather large travel mug of coffee and checking in on some of my favorite blogs. I glanced over at the floor in front of the sofa and noticed a large, littered pile of dental floss. It made me smile at a memory of my precocious little Sadie.

Years ago, when she was a bit over 3, I recall coming out of my bedroom from feeding baby Lily to find a maze of dental floss running throughout our house - upstairs, around door knobs, down the stairs and through the railings, under the sofa, into the kitchen, around cabinet knobs and winding through the bar stools. Who knew all that floss in that little itty bitty container was soooooooo long?

"Oh Saaa-dieeeeee..... What is all of this?" I said with some perplexity and irritation.
"Mommy. I made a trap to catch the giants," she replied.

Clever, Creative, Curious. My little Sadie.

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debi said...

I LOVE your latest posts. We really are so much alike. You are able to express yourself so beautifully and acurately. I have enjoyed reading them so much. Likewise, our little chat the other night was delightful. What a great idea, an every day write. I might copy you sometime.