Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Notes on a Snowy, Historic Day

Ecstatic one running into the room
Pounding, hurried footsteps
Requesting to not to wake the others
Noise from the others being woken to the news of snow fall
Begging for snow clothes stored in the hall closet
In and out the door
Doorbells ringing
Mud, ice and snow boot prints all over the floor
Cold hands that stung against warm skin
Red glowing cheeks
Piles of wet, dirty hats, scarves, boots and bibs
Requests for hot chocolate at 8:30 am
The acrid smell of vinegar on the floor
Two children splashing in the bath tub
Steaming, creamy tomato soup and cheese toast
Settling in to watch history
Remembering this moment and how it was marked
The melodious sounds of classical music and children basking in it
Answering a million questions about government, inaugurations, national security
Discussing life in the White House
Announcement of future presidential ambitions by one
A speech
A time of gathering clouds and raging storms
Indicators of crisis, nagging fear
Chose hope over fear, unity over discord
Celebrate the risk-takers, who have carried us to prosperity and freedom
We are ready to lead once more
Our patchwork heritage is our strength
New era of responsibility that we seize gladly
18:10 speech
Snow day returns
Piles of laundry
School projects to complete
One goes down for a rub and a nap
Refereeing the fights, the squabbles
Dinner to prepare
Hope continues

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