Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Our day:
Woken up by Lily who was completely naked. She had stripped herself for some reason of her pull-up and gown. I think she had spent most of the night in bed with Ethan (clothed). After much prodding, I got up and made cinnamon buns for breakfast. Jay made me a cappuccino. I got back in bed to do my quiet time. Running late, I got a shower, got kids ready and jumped into the car (Jay's car) to start our day of birthdays. First to the Carousel Skating Center where we celebrated Cecilia's birthday. All kids skated and had a great time. We left to go to Alana's apartment which was located on south Main because we had 45 mins to kill before the next party. It was their first time to visit Alana's apartment. They enjoyed the hammock. We then took Ethan to LaserX for a party for Kevin Mullins. The girls were hungry so we pulled into CookOut for hot dogs. We decided to eat in the car in their parking lot. Realizing we were quickly running out of time, we raced to the WalMart on SouthMain to pick up a few things, Jay's prescription and Sadie's guitar toy which had finally arrived. We left without the prescription (the Pharmacy was closed from 1:30 - 2 and the guitar (I totally forgot). At least we got the groceries! We raced to LaserX and got there just in time to pick-up Ethan - who had won a cool shell necklace, rubber teeth and a rubber pop disc from the games. He was also quite red-faced and sweaty from all of the running around. Another goodie bag and into the car! On the way home, Sadie fell asleep and refused to get out of the car - even under threat of spanking if she wet her pants. Ethan had a melt down, questioning my love for him. We had a long, long talk through his tears and pleas for forgiveness. Lily went down for a nap. This is where I am. Jay has spent the day working on the paneling in the study, even with his jammed knuckle on his index finger from yesterday. So glad it is better. I should mention that I also had a mental breakdown, but for fear of reprisal, I won't go into details here. It has been an emotional far

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

January 2, 2008

WOW - Does God speak when you beg Him, or what? Of course, I didn't get the precise answer I was looking for, HOWEVER, it does go along with letting go of control and letting God REIGN IN AND OVER ME!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

January 1, 2008

A blender of pain and sadness, yet a dash of excitement of unknowns and possibilities. That is how I feel on this first day of a new year. I mean, for the first time in 7 years or so, I feel like I can actually redefine my goals, my plans, my fulfillment of who I am. The first 3-4 years were driven by babies, careers, building a house, moving. The last 3-4 years were driven by cancer and grief. So, now here I sit...UNGOALED! Is that even a word? Deep down, it is scary to not know 1) where you are going, but even more 2) not to have a direction to even start! I don't know what to do! Sure, I have children to attend to, but each passing day I see more and more independence. I know that Jay wants me to be his secretary and assistant (omg) when the business starts in May, but that want be my place for long. The business will take off (I feel complete confidence in this) and he won't need me. Additionally, this is clearly his dream. It is not mine. Although I don't know what my dreams are anymore. When did that happen? Who am I and what do I really want to do? What brings me happiness? What brings me joy? Of course the answer is God, but I mean is how does this translate to me...every day... in this this place? What is it that I want to do OR more poignantly, what is it that God wants of me NOW?

Kids are good. Christmas vacation has been a total blast. Seriously, it has to have been one of the best. The kids are getting better, Jay has been into them and we have had some serious family time. I know the kids are getting the best end of Jay being home. Got all the Christmas loot assimilated into the rooms yesterday. Sadly, Sadie is over baby dolls. Actually, she was never really into them. She always loved stuffed animals and craft supplies. A ridiculous ocd goal alert coming up...I am going to spend an hour or so tomorrow putting doll clothes on all the babies as they are ALL naked. I hope that means that Lily will start to play with them a little more as she seems less inclined to take the clothes off. And, I hope it will cut down on the bin of babies and clothing. We put the play kitchen in Lily's room with food/dish gear. She seems totally obsessed with that Fisher Price pixter at the moment - like a hand held game thing. She wants it ALL the time. Ethan still loves all the lego and computer games. Jay installed his computer in his room and the girls got theirs in the bonus room. Hope that means they stay off of mine! Both are ready to register their second and third webkinz respectively.

Trying to get back into the swing of scrapbooking. I think that 2007 will be super easy with exception of the France trip. There just were many pics taken as in previous years. Whew! Still, looking for ways to get current and focusing on some different projects so I don't stay so stressed about being so far behind. I have no excuses, really. The room is ready and i have more than enough supplies. It just isn't as fun doing it alone.

Sadie has her first school playdate tomorrow - a little girl named Gracie. I think it will be a little hard because Sadie is so independent and plays with out needing me most of the time. Still don't have anyone for Ethan...he had a sleep over last night so I don't feel so guilty about it.

Oh, Ethan made his own "hero" online via a tv show. He had already done it and asked me to come see it. He typed in his hero's name...Mamy. So sweet. I asked why and he said because she told people about Jesus. I shed a tear. We had a long and exhausting cry on Christmas Eve about Ans. My birthday was hard. There is still such a void. Nothing really fills it. It is still very lonely. I miss her.... alot.

BUT - here is to a year of COMPLETE unknowns!!! It has to be better!