Thursday, January 08, 2009

Book about Me Page 89

I received a very cool book for my birthday from my mom. In actuality, we were out shopping and she spied the book at a clothing store. We both thought it would be resourceful for writing and archiving. It is entitled, "The Book about Myself: A Do-it-Yourself Autobiography in 201 Questions." Now, let me make it very clear that I do not feel that I have lived a life justifying anything close to an "autobiography." However, I am interested in documenting life - its twist and turns, its roller coaster, its smooth sailing. This book gives inspiration for that. And so, I randomly opened the book and decided I would answer whatever question/topic was presented.

Page 89: This health problem or accident was very scary for my family:

O-K. This could be a very lengthy blog. I could spend pages of revisiting Jay's heart attack or Ansley's breast cancer, but am not compelled to go there at the moment. Instead, I will talk about what came in the mail today. An envelope with a pretty pink butterfly in the outside, invoking a innocent essence. But, the return address, The Breast Center of Greensboro, would indicate otherwise. It was my reminder letter that it is time for me to schedule my 6-month MRI follow-up to my little "scare" in August. To set the background go here.

There is no reason to be uptight about this in all reality. They didn't find anything in those 2 core needle biopsies, except some cystic disease that is usally caused by too much caffiene. I mean, I have a 1 in 4 chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer in my lifetime verses 1 in 8 for the rest of the female population. So, I suppose that is something. But, it is still a bunch of conjecture of random facts, in my opinion. Nevertheless, I can't seem to let this just roll off my back. That envelope just sits there on the counter adding to the weight that dropped suddenly in my stomach upon its arrival.

Breast cancer is scary for my family because it came out of nowhere, like a high-speed train on a collision course. One day we were all healthy and the next, one of us was dying. It radically changed our lives and tried to control us for 3 years. It took the best part of our family from us. The mention of it brings a little ache in my heart and I suppose that will never go away.

There is no question that I will always get my yearly mammos and MRIs. Won't give it a second thought. And, I am hopeful this will be the only time I am requested to come at a 6-month interval. My appointment is in February.

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