Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A One-Man Girl

Last night I had the rare opportunity to spend just a smidgen of time alone with just one of my children. Totally unplanned, Sadie and I made our way home from scouts and it was a sweet time. The conversation flowed freely and touched on everything from scouts, to school, to a couple of "why" questions. Here is part of the conversation that I want to remember:

Sadie: Mommy, after you get married, why do you go on a honeymoon?
Me: So, you can spend time with your new husband, just the two of you, alone.
Sadie: If you get married again, I mean, if your first husband dies and you get remarried, do you get to go on another honeymoon?
Me: I suppose so.
Sadie: Cooooool. Well, I am never going to get remarried.
Me: Why is that, Sadie?
Sadie: Because I know that there is just one special boy for me.
Me: Do you know what, Sadie?
Sadie: What?
Me: I already pray to God about your husband. That he is being raised to know how to love you, shower you with love.
Sadie: Really?
Me: Yes, really.
Sadie: You know, and its ok if he is a little silly. I will still love him.
Me: Yeah, Sadie. I think he will need to be a little silly and crazy. That will be just perfect, perfect for you.

A friend posed the following question to me recently:
Did you marry the person you did because of who they were and qualities they possessed, or did you marry them because of their potential?

It reminds me that love is not a feeling. It is a decision and a commitment. The person you marry is not perfect, but they are perfect for you. And, that which brought you together in the first place, may not be what still attracts you. It evolves and changes. But, the decision and commitment does not. It is with this resolve that we can be one-man girls.

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nena said...

Sadie is so smart!!! So cute! i am so thankful for my husband because i know he is perfect for me and just who God had for me all those years that my parents were praying too! i am already praying for Finley's wife...