Thursday, June 26, 2008

Back to the Basics

I believe our house has been bestowed a new title, a new claim to fame in the last week: "Meltdown Capital of the World." Yes, life this week has been particularly...RIDICULOUS! What in the world has happened to my children? Of course, I would like to lay blame on my nearly complete absence for the past two months. The insertion of a wonderful, but somewhat spoiling grandmother is a little suspicious as well. I wouldn't expect Oma to be anything other than spoiling, but it has taken its toll. If I am not mistaken, the dependents lifted nary a finger in chores while she was here (maybe once or twice if that).

The result has been complete ear-shrieking whining and body collapsing by Lily:
Lily: Ahhhhhh - IIIIIII --noooooooottttt waaaaaaannnnnt thaaaaaatttt!
Me: What was that ridiculous noise?
My friend Margo: A very tired child.
Lily: It was ME! (At least she owns up to it!)
Additionally, Lily has begun wetting her pants again. Two days ago she sat on my bed and wet it, sat on Ethan's bed and wet it and then peed outside on the driveway. UGH!

The result has been a complete sassy, back-talkin' attitude by Sadie:
Me: Sadie, please go to the back yard and tell your friend that her mom is here to pick her up.
Sadie: I don't want to.
Me: It is not your choice and that is not the appropriate answer. Go tell your friend to come.
Sadie: Why don't you go do it? (I think I almost saw a head wag, but it is still a little debatable)
Me: (Inwardly fuming and doing every thing possible not to back slap her across her head). DO IT NOW and then go to your room. This little chat between the two of us continued in her room, but I won't post details.

The result has been isolation by Ethan:
Me: Ethan, time to go
Ethan: no response
Me: Ethan, c'mon, time to go
Ethan: no response
Ethan: no response
Me: loudly, ok, at the top of my lungs screaming: Ethan Loek Van Dumoulin, get down her NOW!
Ethan: (opening door to his room) "what?"
I think I will have a PSP for sale very soon - it will go to the highest bidder, so start getting fund together.. It is white with some special edition Star Wars theme to it.

This was my first week back in the saddle. Oma went home Friday and Jay moved into RaRa Telecom World Headquarters on Monday. Keep in mind, I am still limited on the amount of driving, sitting, physical movement, etc. Nevertheless, I have been left in control (liberal application of that term). I haven't really been alone in nearly 8 months adding in Jay's sabatical.

Therefore, we are getting back to basics. We have a chart which gives a point every time I hear yes, ma'am or no ma'am upon asking any question or calling their name. We are starting a kindness chart for chalking up kind words, kind actions, sharing, etc. (thank you Margo for the idea) Every infraction is a point lost. Seriously, if they can get into the car, buckle themselves in without a single snippy remark, squeal or physically touching each other, they get a point. I am talking simple basics...again!

Alright, not every minute has been this discombobulating, as they don't all happen at the same time. However, they appear to be consecutive which does not give this mom a breather. I love being an active participant in their lives again, but whew, I have forgotten how much hard work it is! Looks like it is BOOT CAMP TIME!


Bloggin' Robin said...

I'll be praying you can perform the "de-tox" necessary to get back to life. Again, not packing, sucked in by the computer...

Trish said...

we all have our talents...i'm so thankful yours is being a mom and mine is NOT! glad to hear you are getting back into the groove!