Thursday, July 10, 2008

Long time, no see

No sooner than I wished for my life to get back to "normal," I find myself wishing for it to slow down. Never content, I am. What a frantic pace our lives have become in the last few weeks. Crazy! My body is not ready to keep up with the pace and I find my pain and exhaustion level quite high at the end of the day. PT is going well and I learn new tidbits about my body every time I go. My right leg is still experiencing weakness, my foot has dropped a little because of the nerve damage and I have weakness in my rotator muscles in my hip. I love getting the warm and even the icy cold compresses and the little bit of very light touch massage I got today. And, finally, I have terrible posture.

I am officially a "working girl." Not in the street sense, but with RaRa. Jay was out of the office on Monday and Tuesday traveling and I was left holding down the hatches. I was so completely out of my element. Seriously, where has my brain gone? I was nearly in tears when trying to get an international shipment out and I received some goods as a lot when they should have been serial numbered. Does that make any sense to anyone? It still doesn't to me. I was in serious pain after that long in a chair - despite trying to take breaks. Killed me. Thankfully, I still have some good meds and doped myself up pretty good. Woke up feeling much, much better on Wednesday.

In time, I am sure all this work business will come together, but I wonder how I did my pre-children jobs. I have lost some brain cells somewhere...anyone know where they could be?

I am still doing this strange thing where I am thinking one word and a completely different word comes out of my mouth. I remember Ansley talking about the same thing when she had whole brain radiation, but that doesn't apply here. However, it does make me think this is related to my surgery. It is past the funny stage and is becoming more annoying. Also, to anyone with surgery experience - Can it also cause monthly bills (you know, Aunt Flo) to come in strange patterns as well? I am too young for the big change, right?

Kids are slowly getting back in shape. It has been a couple of good days, with just a couple of exceptions. L is a piece of work when she is tired. Naps and normal bedtimes are essential for her. E and S have been at tennis camp in the mornings this week. Their instructor said that E is very consistent. S is very, very good - a natural athlete...when she is focused. They allow her to take more breaks than the other kids because she is a couple of years younger than the rest. On her self-imposed breaks, she hunts for spiders, climbs trees and collects tennis balls.

I have been out of the loop...Here is what I would like to know:
Robin - How was Guatemala?
Beth - How was Guatemala? (different trip, same purpose)
Amy - Can you come over Monday and help me with my project?
Trish - How was your surgery?
Angela - Any news on the editing job?
Jennifer - Do you feel some peace?
Nena - How is the nursery coming along?
Alisa - How are the scrapbook supplies I sent? How is Zeb?

If I have missed someone who might be lurking out there, can you give me a shout out?


Nena said...

Hey Kelsey,
I just happened to check in on here today and glad that you had posted. Sounds like you have been busy with Jay's new business...bless your heart! Hang in there! I have had a great week at home with my family, but I am ready to see Ray. He comes home tonight and I can't wait. We went to Babies R Us to look at some things this week and register for some stuff. I finally picked out the bedding I want and I love it. I am very glad that I am not going to have to paint the room that the nursery is going to be in because the bedding will match just fine. We don't have a crib or changing table/dresser yet, we are still looking. I am feeling better though because at least I have some things picked out. Did you see the pics of facebook from the shower my family had at the beach? So much fun! I have so many cute clothes already for this little guy. He moves all the time now and I just love it! Such a neat feeling!
Hope to see you sometime!
Love ya

Angela said...

Hi Kels,
I can't imagine handling office work and the kids at the same time. I am definitely more comfortable in mom, rather than working world, mode now. Things are still on hold with writing jobs. They can sometimes take months to come together, so I am enjoying a bit of a break until the guide I finished two weeks ago comes back from the editor with changes I need to make.

Thanks for asking!

Jennifer said...

Hey Kels!
Yes, I think I've finally come to terms with working outside the home when GOD is ready for me to do it. He'll open the window and until then, he keeps shutting doors that I have purposefully sought out. I know He is saying, "No, Jennifer." It's so obvious.
You asked where your brain cells went? You delivered them when you delivered each placenta. At least that's my theory. They are stored there in pregnancy (hence, why you have temporary memory loss in pregnancy) and then you deliver them along with the baby (they permanently leave the body never to return). ;-) I'm sure that has made you feel better. You are in great company, though.

Trish said...

hey kelsita, catching up on your blog - been in atlanta don't you know. i don't think i'm going to have surgery! go back to the doctor on monday to see. thanks for checking!