Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Red Light Stop, Green Light Go

I received the 'GREEN LIGHT' from the doctor and physical therapist today. A big PTL going His way!!! I was also told I am doing great for this point in time. I still have some restrictions and multiple therapy sessions to go, but the end is near!

A friend just asked me where I was so desperate to drive. Interesting question and well, it caused me to ponder for a moment. In my pre-ruptured disc life, getting in the car to drive was pure drudgery. It was late in the school year and the sometimes thrice daily trips to the school, errands, etc., had taken its toll. I was enjoying my time at home with Jay. The back and forth, and back and forth - I was just over it.

However, after two months of only two self-driven segments, I can say that not having that privilege at all will drive you BATTY! I could never be alone. I think that was the most taxing on me. There was always someone at my house and always someone in the car with me. Except for the walk to the doctor's office after my surgery, I can't remember a time of solitude during this ordeal. Well, maybe a couple of drug-like coma hours in the hospital, but that doesn't count.

Getting the green light to drive was, to me, indicative of my progress. It was another step closer to performing all of my responsibilities - ones I really enjoy and ones that I abhor. Either way, I want them back. Lounging in bed is fun...for a couple of days. Television, books, and of course, my computer get old. I am social creature and I have miss seeing my friends up close and personal. I have missed going to church (can't sit for that length of time, until now). Driving was just very symbolic to me because it was while engaging in this activity that I had the most intensive pre-surgery pain. Being able get behind the wheel today, pain-free, was just awesome.

What little pearls of wisdom have I gleaned over the past two months? Well, it is so incredibly cliche, but it is true. You can't appreciate what you have until it is gone. In this case I declare my praises to God for healing me, for giving me a car, for providing money for gas to put in it, and for the ability to be functional with my family. I don't forsee driving all around High Point just because I can. Nor do I have any place in particular, except for an oil change after dropping E and S off for basketball camp tomorrow. Oh, and maybe a car wash - my car is a filthy wreck!

We simplified our lives quite a bit during all this mess and I plan on keeping it that way. Of course, I write that knowing we plan on operating the business from the new warehouse on July 1st. I think Jay has sheltered me a bit from the insanity of owning your own business. Whatever, I say, oh, what a lovely, glorious, God-given road on which we are riding!


Angela said...

Yea, I am so thrilled that you are getting back to feeling like yourself. It is certainly easy to take the mundane things for granted until we can't do them. It's wonderful that the business is off to a great start as well.

HIllbilly Rockin' Robin said...

Glad you are able to dirve and you are pain free!! Yeah!! Sorry I haven't been on in a while. Just too busy lately! I leave for Guatemala next Sat. Please be praying for me! Love you!