Sunday, June 01, 2008

God's sense of humor

About 6 weeks ago I asked my small group to pray for me and my attitude. Specifically, it was in regards to them. Over this year I had become increasingly irritated about the rush of cleaning my house for them every week. Because of my OCD-ness, I was always in a bad mood each Wednesday afternoon to the point that everyone felt it my family. I even started threatening to drop out of small group because of it. On one hand it was nice to have everything looking good, but it came at a very bad price. Knowing my sin, I confessed it to the group and asked for their prayers and forgiveness.

Ironically (if there is every any "irony" in God's world) the next week is when I started walking down this back pain path. Each week brought on more pain making it more and more difficult to get my house together. Finally, the no lifting, no bending at the waist, no twisting rule was established-try loading your dishwasher, vacuuming or laundry with those rules. So for 6 weeks I have let some things go. Since the surgery I have been completely incapacitated. I don't ever want to endure the pre or post surgery pain again so I am sticking to the rules like my life depends on it.

So, I happened to venture upstairs for the first time in nearly a week. Oh my. It wasn't horrible, but lots of little pieces of lego, fake teeth, clean and dirty clothes, coins to a Leap Frog game, piles of books everywhere, and then...I entered the bonus room. It looked like Sadie had pulled out every bit of craft do-dah we have - paints, kits, markers, scissors, little bits of papers, you name it. I was unglued. I lost it.

I have hit the wall, people, and I can't see the light. I know all of this is for my own good. God is really teaching me about the value of just being. But I am having a hard time accepting it. I can't enjoy it. It is such an uncomfortable place for me to be. I want to be back in control.

For those that think our house is falling apart, it isn't. We have flown Jay's mom in to help with the kids and basic household duties. Praise God for that woman. And we found our Hispanic cleaning marvel, Amilsa - another praise.

But when you see your youngest hitting your middle one. Or your youngest grab something she isn't supposed to and the runs away, it is completely aggravating, because I can't do anything discipline-wise at that moment. I just sorta sit there, or worse, start yelling. When you see your fun summer plans with your kids going down the drain, it is sad.

I am accepting of God's lesson. When I think about what He had to do to get my attention, I know it must be a serious sin. I just hope and pray I "get it" this time so that He doesn't have to do it again.

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HIllbilly Rockin' Robin said...

I've accepted more and more of the house not being "perfect." I've decided every warm home should look "lived in." Actually, had a friend tell me recently (when I was distressed over my house not being "perfect" like everyone else's) that she thought my house was one of the warmest she has ever been in b/c it wasn't perfect. She said she is never comfortable in perfect homes. The Pottery Barn catalog shows the perfect homes, but the truth is that there are NO PEOPLE IN THE PICTURES! It's just fancy stuff! The pictures in the PB catalog are NOT "lived in" homes! Kelsey, people just want to be with YOU!! I'm not saying don't keep a clean home, but I am saying don't let keeping your home steal your joy. I do what I can, and I surrender the rest. Yes, my house could use some work daily, but I don't expect to have a perfect home here on Earth. Perhaps God is setting your boundaries and limiting you so you will "be still and know that He is God." Enjoy your time of rest. It is a good thing! I'll be praying for you as you seek God and rest in Him!