Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Who's on First...

I had one of those conversations with Lily that just confusing and frustrating like trying origami. You start it, try going different directions and then you have no idea how to make it work...much like the comedy "Who's on first, What's on second, etc."

So, my mother-in-law took me on several errands today. One was to Wal-Mart where I ran into Amanda - yay! Haven't seen her in such a long time. We swapped surgery stories. Anywho...we pulled into the Hobby Lobby parking lot for another errand, parked in a space and unstrapped Lily from her car seat. And, here is where the conversation began.

Me: Come on, Lily, let's go.
Lily: I see a card.
she proceeds to walk to the third row seat of the car. On her way back there she "ducks" underneath the seat belt which was caught on the arm rest of one of the second row seats.
Me: Lily, come on, we don't need cards to go into Hobby Lobby.
Lily: I want to get a card on the floor.
And with that she kneels on the floor of the van where I can't see her. The cards she was referring to were the ridiculous animals cards they are giving out at Chik-fila that you must have superman vision to even read. It comes with a plastic holder that keeps breaking sending these cards all over the floor of the van. Should have thrown them in the trash before we left.
Me: Lily, just "duck" back under the seat belt and get out of the van.
Lily: Where is the "duck" card? I can't see it. She is still kneeling on the floor of the van between the
Me: Realizes she thinks when I said "duck" I meant there was a card with a duck on it. No, Lily, there isn't a duck card. Just duck, I mean, go under the seat belt.
Lily: No, Mommy, I want to find the duck card. I can't see it. I wike (like) the duck card.
Mommy: There is no duck card. Come under the seat belt and let's go.
Lily: Where is the duck card, Mommy?
Mommy: Lily, get out of the car now or I will have to take you to the bathroom for a visit with Mr. Do-Right.
Lily: Ok, Mommy, I find the duck card later.

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Trish said...

Mr Do Right? That's pretty funny!