Thursday, June 05, 2008

kid funnies

Conversation with Sadie, age 6, as she dried herself off from her bath
Sadie: I am growing arm hair (very matter of fact)
Me: What?
Sadie: I am growing arm hair
Me: Where?
Sadie: In my armpit, I have an arm hair
Me: (giggle) ok

Ethan wanted a buzz cut for the summer. As I started cutting his hair, he decided on a mohawk. I agreed he could have it for a few days and then we would buzz it off. I have never seen a child so into hair gel these days! Crazy about spiking that thing up and worried if anyone touches it or if his shirt messed it up when he changes clothes. We'll be buzzin' this weekend.

At dinner tonight:
Me: Lily, you need to eat over your plate
Lily: Mommy, you're a GEN - ius.
Me: What?
Lily: You're a genius!
Me: Ok!

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