Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer Fun

Because we knew that I would not be very mobile this summer, trapping me home with three children, we decided to purchase one of those large inflatable pools that comes with a filter system and chlorine tabs. Yay for sanitation! We got a deal on it and it has been the best $70 we have ever spent. It is basically a large bag with an inflatable ring around the top. Every morning right after breakfast the kids race to get their bathing suits on and usually, I don't hear from them for at least an hour. The process repeats itself after lunch and then again after dinner. It has been a sanity saver for me.

They have come up with all sorts of games to play - with pool noodles, with the hose, with water balloons, even piggy backing each other. They take turns jumping off the step Jay created using hay bales. It is very cute to see Ethan and Sadie make these major jumps and then Lily comes with her little quiet step-down. Consequently, they are browning up, particularly Lily who takes after Ansley's olive complexion.

However, as predicted, after a couple of hours, when it is about time for them to come in, the bickering begins. Someone plays too rough, someone is hit in the eye with the hose, someone is kicked, someone won't stop pestering another one, or someone (guess who) pees on the driveway (at least she has the foresight to get OUT of the pool). There goes the calm and enjoyable couple of hours and out comes the referee/clean-up crew!

Lily loves getting on her bathing suit. After several weeks of training she can finally do it herself. I have never had to teach a child how to get dressed on his/her own. However, Lily seems to be a little challenged in the dexterity department. She has come up with her own vocabulary for a two piece bathing suit. One piece bathing suits are called bathing suits. But, two piece suits are water panties and water shirts! Makes sense to me.

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nena said...

Love Lily's vocabulary!!!! How cute!
Glad they are enjoying the pool. Especially since it has been so hot it is nice for them to have a place to cool off!