Monday, June 16, 2008

The list never ends...

A whirlwind of activity has descended upon our house over the past several days. My head is spinning in light of everything that is still ahead of us, too. We signed a lease on office/warehouse for the business. We are a little ahead of our time frame, but that is a good thing. To wrap your head around all the things you might need for a completely empty building is a little like trying to figure out who really won the 2004 presidential election.

We have two "employees" on the road this morning in a rental truck heading to pick up what we hope is some great de-installed equipment to sell. We ironed our logo onto several golf shirts so that everyone would look neat and tidy. I have to go today to set-up a business account for the utilities and get a business license from the city.

Alright. I started this entry this morning. It is now 9:20 PM. What a boring and dull post. This is what I have come to people. I am sure I am now the poster child for the "get a life or this could be you" cause. To be sure, I am beginning to fret about this metamorphosis. Most days I begin and end my day here. Sure, I pick up a devotional or two. I may even google (my new BFF) something I read in them, and then I am back at it. Someone who says she is my friend suggested that I try facebook to pass the time. I entered into that realm innocently enough and now I am a stalker...looking to see who I can badger from my past to "be my friend." And now this...writing about the mundane, basically nothing.

It all reminds me of my favorite Seinfeld episode where Kramer finds the set of the old Merv Griffin show in the dumpster and sets it up in his apartment. Neuman pretends to be his side kick and they pretend to have a talk show -complete with tape recorded applause. After a few tries, they realize that they have...nothing to talk about. So, they decide to spice things up a little with a more Jerry Springer sort of feel. You can read the details of the episode here .

I am not going to go Jerry on this blog, but maybe I need to reserve posting when God has made a profound statement in my life or in those around me. I am deliberating on the purpose and point of this blog. Why am I writing this and to whom? With that, I am taking a hiatus. I know myself, and more importantly, know that all of this rides on tomorrow, my first physical therapy appointment. If all goes well, I will receive the green light to drive again. There will be fewer entries and loud tire squeals out of the Millis Center. If I am still relegated to the house, be warned.


Trish said...

I think we sometimes discount the "mundane" and fail to see God's beauty, love and splendor in our everyday lives and seemingly inconsiquential events.

Anonymous said...

You are right, Trish. I think I was just getting a little more involved in this blogging and facebook world than I felt comfortable. It was symbolic of my life as a bit of an invalid. So thanks for the is hard sometimes to see clearly.