Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What do you know?

So, we had our first bible study meeting. This study, Remembering the Forgotten God, is going to be incredibly enlightening and fascinating. At least the beginning of it seems indicative of such.

The author Francis Chan first asks us to write about what we know about the Holy Spirit. Then he asks us to dissect it, attributing it to how we know that - scripture, life experience, church, what others have said. Although I have done that with other spiritual areas, I haven't investigated it in the area of the Holy Spirit.

I have seen a lot of what I can only describe as "voo doo" attributed to the Holy Spirit. Inauthentic, unfortunately, later admitted to or proven to be false. In my own life I have experienced a couple of "strange incidents" that I can only attribute to it. I have been privy to a few moments when what I saw, experienced lined up scripturally with something not of this world. Through other bible studies, I have read that Jesus asked God to send us the Holy Spirit to be with us since he would/could not be. It is our guide, a gift, a reminder that He is always there.

The study goes on to have us read quite a few more scripture passages that outline just who/what the Holy Spirit is. limited I was on my vision. Opening myself up to that!?!?!? It just shows me that I have experienced only the tip of the iceberg of God's goodness. I would say that 95% of the time I work on being holy; I am such a "performer."  I don't just step aside and let the Holy Spirit work through me.  The anticipation, the possibilities, the wonder, the awesomeness that is there...well, I just can't wait to go deeper.


Bloggin' Robin said...

What you're learning sounds exciting! Having lots of amazing things happen in my life lately and learning to seriously walk with the Holy Spirit's leading. Amazing, exciting, and freeing!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelsey!! Haved missed seeing you on FB so looked up your blog and read this entry...then heard your song I love you Lord playing on your blog site...which is one of the 1,000 ways the Holy Spirit reminds me how much I am loved. Back in college I was trying to come back into God's graces after living my own version of my life for so long and couldn't think of any words to pray. Only that song came into my I sang it over and over until my quiet time was finished. I was on a retreat and we went into the worship time and after all the songs the leader began to sing "I love you Lord" Tears poured down my face and I looked up at the wall where the words would be displayed and there were none. The worship leader hadn't planned to sing that song....but was moved to I later learned....and I knew it was our amazing God working the way God does to reach each of us and remind us that we are always in God's grace. Love you sister!!

nena Conner said...

I would love to get together sometime soon! we just moved back to asheboro last night and we need to catch up! I would love to tell you how the HOly Spirit has been leading us this past year in our life and how much I have learned about the holy spirit. We heard Francis Chan speak last year and also read the book, Forgotten God. I know you will enjoy the study.
Call me sometime soon, or I can try to call you!
Love ya