Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter 2010

Another family fantastic, Jesus celebrating Easter is in the books.  We have never done much for Easter in terms of the "bunny" route.  In fact, I don't think the kids even know to consider that their little piles of goodies come from anywhere other than from us.  And, when I mean little, I mean little. The kids usually get a chocolate bunny and 3-4 other small pieces of candies (surprise, they are often my favorites), and then some clothing item that they needed for the season.  This year, Sadie and Lily got flip flops which I have to return for larger sizes and Ethan got pajamas. For their little fun thing, the girls got little garden aprons because we have started our garden and Ethan received what might be the smallest lego set ever manufactured. I had forwarned the kids that we were going to start downplaying Easter as a gift-giving season because that portion of it has nothing to do with Jesus. If someone knows differently, let me know.  Imagine tonight, when Ethan donned his new pajamas how appreciative he was of them.  "Mom, I love them. They are so soft.  Thanks!"  I just wasn't expecting that from a 9 year old boy.  It was nice to go very simply and think next year we might try to pare down even more.

We had the usual spats over what to wear with Sadie.  This, despite carefully preplanning and discussing it the day before.  It all revolved around her dress.  I told her that Easter would be my choice and Sundays after would be hers. Yeah, I know.  Probably a bad decision on my part.  The only area where we agreed was her shoes.  We had purchased her first pair of "heels" the day before.  When I say heels, I am talking about an inch.  That child tip-tapped her way through the entire day with the happiest, danciest feet I have ever seen.  Oh, and let me say "thanks" to her swim team, because nothing says "Easter's finest" like a temporary tattoo on your arm sporting the Star logo. 

Church was especially uplifting.  Our church became command central for the tornado recovery efforts that effected the surrounding neighborhoods.  We fed some 1,800 people over this past week.  Crazy.  I don't know how all that food and all those people came, got fed, coordinated, organized, etc.  But, it did!  As our pastor said today, "What a real way to put into practice service.  What an incredible opportunity God provided for us to love our community."  The music just rocked and well, it was teary for me.

Lunch was at my mom's and then the kids had an egg hunt.  They were limited to "29" eggs.  Yes.  Not the 4 or 5 I was always limited to, but 29.  They were all empty, but the kids had a lot of fun trying to find them all.  I loved having my niece and nephew with us, too.  Sadie wrote letters and drew pictures for everyone on that side of the family.  That is definitely her gift - encouragement.  Her letter to Gray was so sweet that it brought tears to my eyes.  It made me realize how precious that relationship is to her.  Praise God it appears there will be more time for that now.

After arriving home, Jay and I decided we would take a nap.  The kids went outside to play.  About an hour later, I got up.  Ethan and Sadie had changed into bathing suits and were playing with the hose.  Sadie found the biggest mud puddle, of course, and I am sure the bathing suit she was sporting is ruined.  I looked around for Lily and didn't see her.  I started to get a little concerned when I saw her asleep on the trampoline, or champoline as she calls it.  Ahhh, the joys of living on 10 acres and not having to worry about neighbors who think you have abandoned your kids and who might call DSS.

Dinner was spent with my dad and stepmom.  It was a little challenging as the kids were still pretty hyped up on sugar.  However, nothing beats being able to sit outside for dinner in April when your kids are climbing the walls, spilling their waters and trying to show off their moves for an upcoming Grandparent's Day program at school.

My beautiful blessings! 

Oh! Happy Day!
The greatest day in history, Death is beaten
You have rescued me
Sing it out, Jesus is alive
The empty cross, The empty grave
Life eternal You have won the day
Shout it out Jesus is alive
He's alive!

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