Sunday, April 04, 2010

April Fool's Day

Another April Fool's Day in the books.  This year, I brought "grilled cheese sandwiches" to all the kids' classes.  It was actually toasted angel food cake with colored frosting.  I can't claim credit for this creative idea.  I am a huge fan of Family Fun and they always have amazing ideas. 

Anyway, I told the kids that I brought a Dutch treat called toasties and asked if they wanted to try.  Funny how some of the kids turned up their noses at first.  Then, when the gag was announced, those same kids scampered to get a little piece of cake and icing.  All the kids thought it was funny, but I would say that the kindergarteners really loved it.  Yeah, it took a bit of effort to make that many "grilled cheese" treats, but I love being known as the April Fool's Day Mom.  I love how my kids think I am pretty cool, too.

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Margo said...

Funny--I almost made these too (love Family Fun!), but I lazied out. Good for you :) Glad to hear you fooled em! I bet they loved it.