Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Evil Empire Has Won

I was afraid to turn on the news today, so I didn't.  Fearful, afraid, wishing so much that a Cinderella story ended with a happy ending and that the evil stepmother did not win.  And yet, here it is.  Downcast and forlorn I am today.

I read this on one of my often frequented blogs:

"But I'll just keep it simple: I hate those (bleeps) because I hate them. Every time they win, a kitten in my heart is strangled. The only thing that could possibly lessen last year's national championship was botching the next season and then having Dook win it. My grapes are sour, my earth is scorched..."

Maybe the icing on the cake was hearing the news from my friend of some 35 years, who I love dearly, but made a terrible case in judgment when we were seniors in high school...the decision to attend the school in question.  Coincidently, her daughter had an appointment at the same orthodontist's office this morning where Sadie had her first consult.  Why did I ask her, of all people?

And so, I wait.  Wait for next year.  Revenge will be ours.

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Angela said...

Now, now- you know you enjoyed hearing about the Duke win from me. Have a great day!