Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sadie declared she was going to love on our dog, Bobo. He is an outside dog with one eye who really deserves his own post. Old, faithful, slightly nasty, Bobo.

Anyway, she came inside and asked for a snack. I said - sure, but make sure you wash your hands. She came back to ask if she could have the "bad mommy snack du jour" Yogos. I saw that her hands were wet, but I had a feeling no soap had been applied. She was standing in the door frame and put one hand on the white painted frame. Here is the conversation:

"Sadie, did you wash your hands?"
"Did you use soap?"
"No, but I am the only one who will touch my Yogos."

I love her qualifier. At least she doesn't want to get anyone else sick, but is ok with making herself sick. At this point she moved away from the door frame. There was this nasty little muddy imprint left on my white painted door frame.

See, Sadie, that is why you need to use soap!

On another note...if you have never purchased Yogos for your kids...DON'T! I only bought them because they were at Aldi's and appeared to be a good price. They taste disgusting, but my kids would lie, cheat and steal to get them. I don't want to think about the nutritional value...or lack thereof.


Under the Raisner Roof... said...

Not everything at Aldi's is worth having!

HIllbilly Rockin' Robin said...

You buckled! Aldi's does that. You go shopping planning to save a TON of money buying helathy food for the kids. However you travel home - sometimes all the way to TN - with Pringles, Cheese Puffs, and lots of instant products such as flavored rice and potatoes! I really need a list when I go. As a header, it should read - ALL JUNK FOOD FORBIDDEN FROM PURCHASE!