Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Note to self: Not everything the market renters leave behind is worthy to keep.

Our market guests decided to do more cooking this time around. At least that is what they intended with all the food they purchased. And, it wasn't the cheap stuff either. Lots of fresh fruits, nuts, olives, crackers, organic, etc. A lot of items I would never purchase. Lucky us, they bagged the whole idea of eating in about halfway through market. They left a ton of unopened food in our fridge. (I am not talking leftovers, people, I do have some standards).

I decided to try out a new recipe combining several items, including the all gourmet sounding polenta. After a little investigating, I found that polenta is a very finely ground cornmeal. In this case it was presented like a sausage. I thought it was some sort of pasta/rice something so at least I was close with a starch. I made the very uppity sounding Italian eggs with Spinach and Polenta. Let me tell ya, we are a polenta eating family now. The kids loved it - particularly the Italian eggs. Sadie, "This stuff is awesome." I think it really had to do with what was on top of the polenta because the polenta itself was marginal, at best. After all, it is cornmeal.

Tonight, Jay said, those Thai peanuts are terrible. This statement coming from a man who could eat Thai food for breakfast, lunch and dinner was suspect at best. Thai peanuts? I hadn't seen them in the pantry. I doubted him (at least his assessment of them) and asked him to bring them to me. His desire to see me gag obviously got the best of him and he literally ran to get them. Heinous. I couldn't get a glass of water fast enough. The official name of the product: Traditional Thai Lime & Chili Peanuts - found at your local Trader Joe's. BLAH!

So what have you had lately - good, bad or ugly that you can give a shout about?


HIllbilly Rockin' Robin said...

Perhaps we should have a Folger's coffee and Lime and Chili Peanut night! IN our 13+ yrs. of marriage - Folger's coffee is the only thing Reid has said - ABSOLUTELY NOT! Gag and Gross! Hey, just be glad you enjoyed at least one meal with products you normally wouldn't purchase!

Under the Raisner Roof... said...

This is fun! I hope I can keep up the blogging! I love the picture of you and Ansley...very sweet. As far as food goes, anything with vinegar has been outlawed in our house since marriage. Of course the exception is dying Easter eggs with those food color tablets that need vinegar to activate. Makes me think of my childhood! Miss you! Amy