Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Deep Thoughts, by Ethan

I love my little thinker, Ethan. When confronted with a new situation or experience, he doesn't often make much comment. However, weeks or even months after they have happened he will have a few questions and want to 'chat' about it. Inevitably these conversations begin just as I am getting ready to turn off the light at bed time. How clever of him, right?

Last night, he and Sadie were sitting on his bed. They have become bed buddies lately which I don't fight. Ansley and I slept in the same bed through junior high. I suspect in a year or two it will Sadie and Lily sharing a twin bed in the night. I think it has actually helped their relationship as it seems they don't fight nearly as much.

Here are some of his questions over the past 3-4 years:
1. How can God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit be one?
2. Who created God? How can he have always been?
3. Why did God have to take Mamie (Ansley)?
4. Who created Satan?
5.If God wants to be with us, why didn't he just create us in heaven. Why did he bother with earth?

Last night, it was a doozy:
What if someone just decided to make up our God, you know just made up all this stuff? I mean, what if we are worshipping the wrong God and we will just die because we are worshipping the wrong God? I don't want to just die. I want to go somewhere - I want to go to heaven.

Ok - So, I wasn't quite prepared for that one out of left field. Thankfully, I was holding his Bible and I was able to point him to: Jesus said, I am THE way, THE truth and THE Life. No one comes to the Father, but through me. Along with some other scriptures of relevance. Seem to satisfy him for now...

I love that he thinks on such a deep level for a 7, almost 8 year old. I love that he doesn't accept things at just face value, but wants to explore and mull it over and question it. And, I am sure this will not be the last entry titled...Deep Thoughts, by Ethan.

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