Saturday, April 12, 2008

My 6 Word Memoir

Yay! I have been tagged by Robin! Yippee! I have to come up with a 6-word memoir. My first instinct made for a somewhat negative response. I am going through some sort of emotional period. It is not because of THAT period, but it may be linked to being delegated to our basement (see April 11 post), stress from trying to learn our company's new software (so out of my element), or the worst possibility...I am starting "the change". Isn't it too early for me at 37, I mean 36?!?!? I have had some random hot moments, but only at night. Does that count? I found myself trying to shop in the juniors department at stores in hopes that it might somehow will my body to reverse course. It is all in your mind, right? Ridiculous.

In light of the is my first attempt:

She bought juniors instead of seniors.

Doesn't really work. So, I look elsewhere in my life for other inspiration. Next thought was on my emotions. I cried and cried and cried yesterday because I though that ONE boy in Ethan's class was excluded from a birthday party to which all the other boys were invited. I understood from Ethan that he knew about the party and he asked the birthday party boy several times if he was going to get to go to it. His questions were simply ignored, according to Ethan. According to Ethan, the birthday boy told the other boys that everyone was invited except for this boy. I hope, with all of my heart, that this boy did not realize that everyone else had been invited. My heart hurt for him and his mother, who might have had to comfort him. To make matters worse, all I could visualize was this little boy, the only boy, waiting to be picked up while all the other boys traipsed off for a classmate's party. I couldn't believe the parents would allow such a thing. I cried on and off last night over this issue. BUT WAIT! I did some investigating and found out today that the boy WAS in fact invited and just couldn't go. I am a little confused, but I have to trust the information from the teacher.

Based on that, here is memoir #2:

She cried buckets for no reason.

Ok - so that is not really an accurate portrayal of me over a lifetime. I am less a cryer and more of a solver. This leads me to ... my relationship with God at the moment. I am going through a lot of change in my life (see ALL of the above). My life's snapshot is always that of a tug of war between letting go and letting God. I am such a control person - maybe not so much wanting to control it all, but wanting to be knowledgeable of the future and security. Therefore, when I say I look to my relationship with God "at the moment," it really is a lifelong issue for me. When does God ask me to play a role and when I am I to sit quietly by, waiting for Him?

Based on that, here is my final and probably most accurate memoir:

She desires release and wants God.


Becki party of 5 said...

That is beautiful! I love your writing....found your blog from Robin's. You have a great way of writing, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Hillbilly Rockin' Robin said...


WOW!! Could I just copy yours?!? Much better than my attempt - and I got a great glimpse into your life with this entry!! Thanks!! I've found myself upset and worried over something that God had previously given me total peace over. I'm walking in the shoes of David, as I have found the need to "pray for deliverance from my enemies." Struggling a bit, but in the end trusting in the almighty God as my rescuer and redeemer. It's funny reading your blog, b/c the things I am struggling with are b/c others have made drastic assumptions about me that are not true. So, here I am - "Worrying and fretting for no reason." Just a glimpse into my life today!! Hey, my friend, Becki, who commented above is Becki Carlson. She and her husband, Russ, used to live in High Point and attended CBC. They have recently adopted from China. I suppose she found this through your comment. With your permission, I'll add you to my blogroll, but still don't know if you want this open to other eyes, so I have not done that! You have a gift for writing, I love to read your thoughts & perspective! Hope you have wonderful, wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Becki - welcome and thanks! I didn't know you were a former HP-er and CBC-er (see hillbilly's post below)!

Robin - Not sure why, but I feel very compelled to write these days. I am sure it is a phase, so I will max out while I feel the desire. Add me to your blog roll - it is fine. Thanks for the compliments - I really, really appreciate them! I stink at proofreading - so focus on the forest, not the trees! PLEASE COME VISIT SOON!!!

HIllbilly Rockin' Robin said...

Hey - consider yourself added to the roll!! Love you and appreciate you sharing your heart and humor!