Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sadie's part

This past Friday was Grandparent's Day at HPCA. It is the day where all the grandparents or special friends are invited for a musical presentation by the Elementary, followed by an open house of the classrooms. It is a day that the kids really get excited about - for obvious reasons. Hundreds of doting grandparents descend upon the school and then are allowed to take their "budding stars" home early from school for ice cream.

This year, Sadie was given a speaking part. She was recommended by her teacher and then chosen by the principal. I was totally shocked! I remember over a year ago, I sat at the annual Christmas program completely stressed. Sadie was still in 4-year preschool and I came to this sick-to-my-stomach realization that it would take a miracle from God for her to actually be able to participate in such a program next year. She would not sit still, she would not focus, she would decide to run across the stage with her fanny showing. You know, something typically Sadie. OR so I thought!

Friends, God is still in the miracle making business!

This year's Christmas production came and went without a blip. Her teacher even remarked how focused and into it she was. She kept her eyes on the music teacher, sang loudly and produced all hand motions at appropriate times.

Therefore, when I found out that Sadie received a speaking role at Grandparent's Day - one of only 3 in the kindergarten, 1 of 17 in the entire school...well, I was both elated and weak at the knees.

After one day of dress rehearsal the week of the production, Ethan announced the following:
Mommy, I was so nervous for Sadie when it was her turn, but she was awesome! She did a great job. Mommy, it was just incredible.

I began to relax...a little.

Seeing that the odds are strongly stacked against Sadie ever getting another part at a school production, Jay and I decided to crash the senior citizen party toting the obligatory video camera.

It came time for her part, the last speaking part. As she made her way to the microphone, I stood up to get the perfect shot. I am sure I mouthed her few lines along with her just like a pushy stage mom:

"The greatest example we have is Jesus. He is the King of kings, yet he humbly came down to earth because we needed a Savior."

She nailed it. There was even a little murmur across the crowd as she took her seat. It was clear, it was poised...she was in her element. I was teary.

Raising her has been hard work. Many times, I have felt like she was sitting there chipping away at me piece by piece by piece. There were times when I just sat down and cried. My failures were plenty, my frustrations many, and my prayers a thousand fold.

But God IS in the miracle business. He is faithful to bless us when we are so undeserving.

I know that I am not out of the woods. Sadie is Sadie, after all. But for a moment, I saw what God sees in her. A beautiful little flawless soul who loves Him.

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Nena Conner said...

That is so sweet! I know you were so proud! She maybe a professional speak one day and travel the world...you never know what God is up too:) Tell her I said Congratulations on her part!