Saturday, March 07, 2009

Two Quick Takes

Said this to my stepmother when she spent the night:
Terry, Terry, the stars are sleeping. It is time to get up.

Discussion about his first summer camp experience to occur this summer (09). Colby was talking about how they don't make you take a shower until the last night. (!!!) Being the tweens they are, they concurred that this fact was "awesome!" I inquired why this is such a good thing. Ethan said, What's the point of taking a shower anyway, you are just going to get dirty the next day. Colby chimed in with, "Yeah. They have a swimming pool and lake, ya know." I can't imagine what filth will accompany my son home from this "first time away from mom" event. Obviously, I am the only one who cares.


jenniferkk said...

Jeffrey went to an overnight camp for a week at Ethan's age for the first time too. Same story. But I packed deodorant for him to begin using for the first time. That was the highlight of the entire camping experience. Go figure.

nena said...

oh the joys to look forward to with Finley! I need to start relaxing now!!!