Sunday, March 22, 2009

Random Thoughts on a Sunday Morning

Silence is golden. That little phrase sums up my weekend in several ways. I was treated to the most coveted of situations for a mom - a day and night at home ALONE! Yes, the husband gathered up our brood and took them camping with the cub scouts amidst some excitement and protest among the campers. Right when they were leaving Sadie announced that she DID NOT want to go. Here is the conversation that followed:

Me: You are going and that is that.
Jay: Well, I am fine with that. She can stay home.
Me: (Seeing my weekend crumbling before me) No, she is going. No discussion.
Jay: Kelsey, this is not about your weekend alone.
Me: It most certainly is. She is going.

Lily walked around the house for about 30 minutes prior to leaving wearing her backpack. Ethan lugged everything to the car. Sadie, had a fit about which shoes to wear. Despite having three choices, none worked for her. A definite sign of pre-teen years worming their way in to our home a little too early. Everyone in the car, I waved the family off with a little too much exuberance, shut the door and jumped back into bed to plan my day.

I'll go ahead and get the embarrassing part out of the way - I played Rock Band. Only for about 30 minutes as my own behavior actually ended the session. After each song, I would make some comment out loud like, "Wow! That was tough," or "Well, that stunk," or "Oh, that was cool." I began to creep myself out with this "talking to no one blather" and turned it off.

I ventured into the scraproom and worked on quite a few layouts. A friend came to work on her album as well. As usual, we ended up talking more than we got done, but like a modern quilting bee, that is part of the process. Still three years behind in the documenting our lives department as I just completed Lily's first steps. For perspective, she will enter kindergarten next year.

Late in the afternoon my fantabulous stepsister came over to leave for dinner. We shuttled through the city to pick up a couple of more willing "hen party" victims and flew into Greensboro. Dinner and conversation flowed nicely. It was a great dynamic because no one knew each other. I was the only common denominator. Not that I need to be the one in control, but no one came with an agenda or deeply connected past. Well, that is not entirely true. I had an agenda, but will write about that in a moment. I suggest, that throwing together a mix of ladies that are usually not connected can bring a very delightful outcome.

Ok, so my agenda...I have been thinking a lot about my post, "Confessions of a Real Mom." It was my most read and most commented entry. Clearly, it is a topic that deeply resonated with other women. I knew I wasn't finished with this topic, but wasn't sure how to proceed. Then, I had a few ladies comment to me personally or via email about their experiences and they encouraged me to continue along this vein, possibly in a longer format. In my prayer time, I had asked God to make this happen because honestly, I am clueless. I can't work through the details or timing or gather my thoughts in a coherent way.

Hang with me on this, there is a point to this. In the meantime, I found out Wednesday night that I would have Saturday and part of Sunday sans family. I sent out the "girls' night out" flares to see what might transpire. Amazingly, God made it possible for the three ladies who had been the most prolific commenters on that particular post to attend. And one was from out of town. We had a productive conversation about our struggles as moms, the performance and expectation traps that snare us so easily. Clearly, God is giving me the encouragement, the information and support and confirmation that I am, indeed, to write more about this topic, in the form of a... book. There, I wrote it. It is out there. No taking it back now! Here's to a new journey!

I will refer to this project every once in a while, but will keep the majority of the writing on another site. However, I do need help. My short list follows:

1. Will you link to my blog? If you feel comfortable doing so, email this link to your friends, families, whomever. The more, the better. I need a larger audience to whom I can pose some questions and receive feedback. My world is fairly homogeneous and I need it to be more varied in multiple ways (geography, beliefs, seasons of life, culture, race).

2. Be part of my research. I will be hosting several, multiple, maybe hundreds of round table discussions. Would you like to participate, even if in only one discussion? Or, would you be willing to answer some interview questions? Don't worry, I won't make "an good or bad example" out of anyone in the writing. I will respect the privacy of those willing to assist.

3. Would you be a reader? Are you a good proofreader? Do you have editing skills. Nothing professional, but are you easily NOT offended? Let me know.

4. Will you pray with and for me? Above all, I want this book to be what God wants it to be. There are multiple directions I can take and varying audiences I can address. I am easily discouraged and frequently filled with self-doubt.

I need you, the question is...will you join me on path?


Jennifer Lechner said...

Yes to all 4 questions! Keep up the great work!

Angela said...

No problem at all, just let me know how I can help you.

Christy said...

Yes, I would love to help any way I can. Just one condition...I want an autographed copy of the book when it is published. :)
I just read the previous blog "Confessions of a Real Mom," I loved it. I could definately add my own discrepancies to the list.

Andi Herman said...

Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes.... I am WAY happy you are doing this. I want you to dedicate a chapter to sisters.... WAY TO GO!!

Jewels said...

I'm in. You need an Arkansas POV, anyway.

Victoria said...

Hey! God has me working on a book too...and I know just how weird it feels to write those words, girl! You pray for my project and I'll pray for yours!

I've added your link to my site, but a button really catches the eye...I'd love to make you one, if you don't do that sort of thing yourself. I'm a dork for that sort of stuff...=] Just email me at if you're interested and we'll come up with something you love! Oh, that reminds me, I've moved my blog to a website since you added my link. Sorry that I forgot to update you. The new link is

Keep letting the Son shine,

Robin S said...

I will gladly help in anyway. I LOVE to proofread. And I have lots of varied sources out there that I would be glad to contact if you want some different input. KEEP UP THE WRITING!!! You are so good at it!

Nena said...

You go girl!!!! Let me know if I can do anything!!! So excited for you!

Elyse F. said...

Girl I am on board for all of your questions. I just caught up tonight and as usal left the site in tears... I love reading your blogs... thanks girl

Elyse F. said...

OH Yea I also know how to spell USUAL!! stupid keyboard. LOL