Friday, March 13, 2009

His Name is ....

As I tucked Lily into bed I decided to have a little "God" talk. I was going on about how much God loves her, that He is always there for her - even though she can't actually see Him. She can see His work in all of creation, even in her.

Then I said, "And you know God's son. What is his name?"
Now, before I continue, please understand that we attend church regularly and she attends a Christian preschool.

Her answer: Ummmmm, Kevin?

I thought I was going to fall into the floor.
Holding myself together, I asked: "Kevin?"

Lily: Yes, the boy from my class.

Me: Ummmm, no.

At that point, we had a coming to Jesus meeting right there in her bed. I have no idea how she confused our Savior and the boy from her class, Kevin. But, rest assured, she is super clear on that now.


Anonymous said...


jenniferkk said...

Kevin is God's son too! Maybe she's thinking since we all are children of God...

kelseyad said...

It was my hope that they put on some sort of re-enactment and Kevin played the part of Jesus. Alas, no.

Hillbilly Rockin' Robin said...

The innocence of children. Our boys answer "Jesus" to everything. Who cooked dinner? "Jesus" Who sat with Silas in prison? "Jesus" Who loves you? Yes, "jesus!"