Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Conjunction, Conjunction, What's Your Function

Thought of many of you over the last few weeks. I bought the entire collection of School House Rock songs on a two disc collection at Circuit City for $14.00. I couldn't resist the impulse buy. I felt a little justified since I was dragged there to look at flat screens for Jay - subsequently bought online and not at a box store. No need to compare prices of the two items so I was relieved of my guilt.

It has been a blast reliving the songs with my children who can't believe I know most of the words to the songs on the disc. They don't remember how Saturday morning was the only time we had cartoons. Around noon, American Bandstand and ABC's Wide World of Sports came on, signaling that our time was over. We had to wait a week to see "our shows" again. No Nickelodeon, No Disney (except the occasional flick that came on Sunday nights), No Noggin or whatever else is on these days. School House Rock...well, it ROCKED, right?!?!?

My favorites were and still are Interjections and Planet Janet. LOVED THEM. I am also really digging Adjectives. Sadie loves Conjunction Function and Ethan loves Adjectives. It has a great function where you can listen by category or shuffle them all. For some reason we tend to stick with Grammar Rock. Need to broaden what categories we are choosing on the disc.

As I do occasionally, here is my question for the day: What School House Rock songs were your favorite? Or which ones do you remember the most?


Angela said...

I love "Conjunction Junction", "I'm Just a Bill," and the other U.S. History songs.


Jennifer said...

"Preamble" was the one I learned the most from...never have I ever not been able to quote it in school when asked!
Catchy tunes I loved the most were "Electricity" and "Lolly, Lolly, Lolly Get Your Adverbs Here."
Have to agree on "Interplanet Janet" being a great one and I also remember enjoying "Mother Necessity" and seeing all the inventions.
I'd chalk it up to an educational purchase not an impulse buy! THEY ARE GREAT! We have the VHS set (does that tell you how long ago I bought them?) I think Jeffrey, now 12, was a baby! I wanted to start him early! I have sent them to school every now and then when they are studying something relevant to one of the clips.
Next Kelsey purchase: Past Episodes of The Brady Bunch (if you don't already own them!)