Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Comments by Sadie

One of her self-created, oft used word choices: later ago

Example: Mommy, later ago I saw a cricket in the grass. No, Mom, you said later ago that you would get me some hot chocolate.

I have attempted to correct this phrasing to "a while ago," or just to eliminate it altogether. Not happening.

Conversation a couple of days ago:
Sadie: When I grow up I want to be a veterinarian, you know, because I like to take care of things. Oh, and I want to be a missionary.
Me: Ok.
Sadie: Mom, can you be both - a missionary and a know, a missionarian?
Me: Sure. giggle.

After several years of basic cable, we have reupped to extended cable. And, although Jay built a homemade HD television antenna out of closet racking, a broom stick and some other scraps from his workroom, Time Warner brings it in a little more consistently. Within all these channel choices lie the good, bad and the ugly - mostly the latter two. However, one Sadie has discovered is more on the good side: FitTV. After experiencing sheer delight when viewing the programming, she scavenged around in the hall closet to locate her nap mat from kindergarten. Buddy, she was in business. As I have noted in a previous entry, Sadie is not quite the dancer. She is extremely athletic, but a little awkward. So, as I peered into the living room to watch, there she was, copying the instructor who was performing lunges. Lily joined in for a little while, but soon puttered out. I heard the instructor say, "Are your muscles burning?" Sadie responded out loud, "OH YEAH, I can feel it!" Just cracked me up! She "worked out" a little while longer and then proceeded to show me how much her muscles had grown from that bit of exercise. Wonder Woman!

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