Sunday, July 27, 2008

A short story or essay or something in progress

It was unclear how she got there. Standing in the middle of a dirt road, she soaked in her surroundings. The tattered road was littered with ruts and divots. Worn from the elements and those going before her, the road seemed to have no end. Straining to see what was ahead, she could only make out the outline of trees at the horizon. The summer haze gave them a fuzzy, gray-ish hue. Little dust clouds briefly surrounded her feet as she walked, slowly to the horizon. She was not clear where she was going. She was empty, isolated.

"Caw. Caw," a black crow cracked the silence. Landing in the wasteland which bordered each side of the road, the crow picked at a few kernels of corn left in the field. The stalks which once stood tall, bursting with ears of goodness now lay broken and crushed, rotting away in the summer heat. A sudden breeze brought her a second of relief, her long skirt billowing around her. She strained to hear a noise, anything familiar. Far away, the agonizing screeching of a dog in distress pierced her heart. She could feel the adrenaline coursing through her veins, her heart began to race. Her eyes darted left and right. She quickly turned around only to see nothing.

As her heart began to slow, her focus was once again on the crow. She watched him take quick little steps and tight, sharp jabs at the leftover corn. The few kernels her eyes discerned were shriveled and dry. It made her own mouth feel parched. She felt a unlikely connection with the crow. The size of the crow gave evidence to a life once full of sustenance. Her own life was once seemingly simple, her circumstances full of ease, steadiness and predictability.

The crow continued to peck and jab at the decaying fields. Her heavy heart sank as she recognized his desperation. Her own search for goodness, for nourishment for her aching soul had been unavailing. Tiny fragments of Him provided a temporary salve which was quickly washed away by her tears. She was awash in emotions that flowed freely and ruled her life. Her frenzied state left her unable to feel His goodness. It left her in barren lands. Yet, like the crow, she continued to peck in hopes of once again, having her soul filled.

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