Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Love Club

There are dreams and ideas that my children have that are so sweet. I even entertain them for a while in my mind, even trying to figure out for to make them a reality. Today, Sadie went to see Kit Kitridge (I have no idea how to spell that), the American Girl movie. My mom took her and Gray. Ethan was invited to go as well, but upon hearing the words "American Girl" was immediately turned off. Come to find out, the movie was good for girls and boys and my mom was convinced Ethan would have thoroughly loved it, too. Sadie has not really stopped talking about the movie - even reenacting several scenes in WalMart tonight to the amusement of other customers. However, her biggest and most sincere idea is to start a club (must have been in the movie). She was so clear in her directives and details that I got out the camcorder and recorded her. Priceless. After I recorded this very serious dialogue and turned the camera off, and she asked me when I was going to put it on the internet. My response: "What????" Sadie: You know, so everyone will know and come! Sweet.

Here are the basic details of the club: The name is the Love Club. There will be an activity once a week, like going on a hike and girls can bring their bugs (interesting little detail here). People can bring a snack though sometimes she will have a snack. The club will learn about God and His creation and about loving others. There was something about some sort of promise and a bowl of water which wasn't too clear (possibly from the movie, too).

Basically, it sounded like Daisies which I am supposed to help co-lead this year. However, recent developments with Girl Scout national may put a damper on these plans. They have developed a new program for the Girl Scouts and aligned themselves with a major new age group that focuses on "breaking the roles that are traditionally given to girls by youth groups, religious organizations and parents." Say what? They are a branch of some Enlightened Messengers or something like that. I did read up on it, but I do not have direct quotes. Bascially, another attack on our beliefs. Our church is meeting this week to make a decision on what direction to take on this. So, pray, please for guidance.

If this does not go forward, does anyone know how I can make this work for my Sadie. She was so sincere, excited and interested!!! Am I crazy?!?

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