Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's been a while, my friends

Most of you who frequent my blog received an email telling you about my scheduled surgery on Wednesday. As I wrote in the email, I believe I have been vindicated - there was a real reason for the torturous pain I have been in. Most people are very leery about back surgery, but they have made a lot of improvements. Relief is prayerfully close!!!

On a very, very bizarre note and what can only be described as a miracle - bizarre, but a miracle...the person who I really owe the biggest thanks to for getting me into Dr. Neave (top dog neurosurgeon in HP), the one who ended up going to bat for me, who came through on a promised phone call and had me in the NEXT day instead of June 18th...MY NEW BFF...

MR. BIG BRAINS!!! Yes, can you believe it? The PA who was such a jerk to me came through with compassion, care and yes, honesty! Do I feel guilty about what I wrote about him previously - no. It was a truthful depiction of my time with him. I do believe because I joked with him about that comment, showed honesty and a true desire to get well and work hard, we had a little conncetion. Who knows.

What did I learn from this encounter? We all have bad days. We all get frustrated and worn out. But the effect of how we chose to react can create a very inaccurate portrayal of who we really are. Clearly Mr. Big Brains in his core is not the person I encountered that first appointment. I wonder how many times I have allowed my irritation to be vomited on those around me, particularly strangers who for no fault of their own just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time (or the "right" time in order to teach me a lesson). What an inaccurate portrayal of me they must have. It sorta hurts to think about it.

I actually wrote the above blog on Wednesday, but hadn't proofed it (I use that term loosely). I received the "Link" from church just now and Bill (the new-ish pastor) wrote my intentions above much more succinctly. Here it is:

Whatever this day - or any day, for that matter - brings you, God has designed that the unique set of circumstances that puts you either in a moment of exhilarating success, abysmal failure or somewhere in-between makes you a momentary "expert." Except for the reality that the Holy Spirit is with you, no one will have been exactly where you are in that experience. So, what will you do with the moment and its discoveries?

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Under the Raisner Roof... said...

Mr. Big Brains has a heart! We never know the impact our words and actions have on others. Love, Amy