Monday, May 05, 2008

I was right all along

So, I just went to pick the kids up. It was so painful I actually omitted some shrieks. I think I scared the kids and I hate that. I got home, hit the bed and grabbed the phone. I was getting an appointment with the doctor this afternoon and I wasn't leaving until I had an answer.

Well, I broke down on the phone with the nurse. She was kind. She said, well, we got the results from your MRI - has no one called you? No - they haven't. Well, we are trying to get you an appointment as soon as possible with a neurosurgeon. You have a very large protruding disc. A nurse will call you as soon as we have the appointment set.

I think I started crying harder at that point - not because of the diagnosis, but because there was a diagnosis that didn't make me look like a complete hypochondriac. I still would like some more/stronger pain medication at this point.

I have no idea what this means, however. If someone does, will you please let me know?!?!?!


HIllbilly Rockin' Robin said...

I'm actaully relieved you now have an answer. I'll be praying. I'm actually taking a meal to someone tonight struggling with severe back pain - had an MRI yesterday - awaiting results. I am thankful this coundslike something that can be corrected. :-) Please know I'm lifting you in prayer!! I hope all else is well. One more thing to note, there is now a website (I think) that will publish your blog as a book. Something to think about as you chronicle your life. A friend of mine just had one printed - 115 pgs. full color with photos...price around $30. Pretty cool, huh?!? Love you -

Angela said...

Hi Kels,
I am so sorry about the bulging disc, but at least you have a diagnosis. I'll keep you in my prayers. Let us know if you need any help with the kids or anything. We go to HPFP, too, and haven't had the kind of problems that you had. The trick is to find one doctor or PA and try to see just him/her. We usually try to see Dr. Mahaffey or Sheri Booth. My parents go there, too, and dad is always complaining about it, though.