Saturday, January 01, 2011

A Year of Facebook Posts 2010

Amazed that the attitude of "The more the merrier," is not shared by all.

I found a lot of happiness being productive with domestic concerns in 2010 - gardening, sewing, etc. I think I will continue along that road in 2011, and plan to have bible study, yoga and writing as parts of the equation as well. But if it doesn't pan out, it will mean that God put more important things in my way. I am good with that.

I think I just received the best gift today. One of my children, the most strong-willed, whispered in my ear those three little words every mom dreams of hearing: "You were right." Time to celebrate!

Well. Entering my last year in my 30s. I may no longer be able to get out of bed without aching, stay up past midnight, or figure out electronics without a manual, but that is ok. Life is still hilariously fun. Looking forward to an epic year! Thanks for the greetings and wishes!

Between shin splints from Rock Band and sore arms from Just Dance 2, I am in pitiful shape. But, goodness, I love playing those games!

Rock. Band. Three. It is ON!

A Christmas where you receive 3 new DSi games is not the time to misplace your DSi. Starting the search...again.

Tried to head to Asheboro for the Tucker family Chrismtas and failed. Boo hoo!

‎8:05 and the kids were suited up, boots on and out the door! Looks like a hot chocolate and sticky buns kind of breakfast.

Oh loving Savior of mankind, The souls of man both then and now, Will sing Your praises forever, And unto You all knees will bow.

Naps, church, family...perfect day
I received an email from the kids' awesome summer camp, Camp Lurecrest, with a great follow-up video reminding them what they learned this summer. Yeah, I know it is Christmas time, but the days are starting to get longer. If you are looking for a fantastic summer camp for your kids...this is it.
Next year, I know where to go to spread Christmas cheer - the Costco parking lot. I guess the season brings out the worst in some people. How opposite of what it is supposed to be.

Ethan has steep, but chose to accompany us to Costco so to not miss the samples. He has his priorities.

Rewriting today's schedule to include a sick appointment at the doctor for Ethan. Now, it gets crazy.

Leave it to Sadie and Lily to find THE most annoying mean/dirty santa gifts EV-ER. They might not even make it until the event on Christmas Eve before I throw them out. Oh. My. Word.

So I just teared up at a Folger's commercial. The emotions of the season are in full-force.

Four generations looking at Christmas lights. Bliss!

Should not have made sausage balls this early. They will be gone by the time I need them.

just watched a three act puppet show entitled, "Gary Has a Dragon," "Toes, Toes, Tippy Toes," and "Silly, Carzy, Funny" written and produced by the kids, complete with sound and light effects, a program, and refreshments. Finally, an enjoyable and understandable puppet show. We have come a LONG, LONG way.

Swim people, I need your help. After practice on Tuesday, Ethan broke out in large red patches on his legs and face. You can actually still see his goggle lines on his face. One side of one leg is red and almost hot to the touch - similar to a sun burn. Who else has seen something like this?

Today, watched the kids experience and learn that giving is always more important and rewarding than receiving while they gave out their goody bags containing hand warmers, among others things, at the central bus stop in town. What joy!

did not bring my camera last night to the Christmas program. If anyone took pictures of the Wee Three Kings, please let me know

Is treating herself to sir pizza tonight in light of such a bizarrely hectic day. The kids will just have to deal.Piano practice at 3, Swim practice at 3:45-5:15 and school Christmas program at 7. Can I remember all the books, clothes, bags and baubles?

Take that swim meet vendors who dare to charge $12-15 per hat! Haha! Victory is mine!

Squid we go! Who wants one?

Dear Grief, I know we have shared a lot of holidays over the past 3 years, but I need to make something very clear about this year. You are not allowed in my house this Christmas season. I will not allow you to even loiter outside. Pack your bags brother and move on. You are not welcome.

Dinner with my friend, Robin....nice. Coming back to her house full of six kids and Pete, her husband, telling us there were FIVE fire trucks in front of the house, six kids running and yelling fire in the front yard, the pizza delivery guy pulling up during all this, five firemen in full gear searching her house for a fire and the neighbors all watching..... classic. We were only gone for an hour.

took the kids ice skating outdoors in downtown Greensboro. Yes, outdoor ice skating in NC! Put it on your must do list. The kids loved it and can't wait to go back.

recycled tin pie ornaments, little trees made of fabric and tulle, felt wool mitten is Christmas craft day! May the sequins and small beads stay on the table and in their containers!

The kids and I are finishing up "Bags for the Bus Stop" and starting the gingerbread house while Christmas music is playing. Jay took a bite out of our chimney thinking it was an "extra" piece. Festive evening at the Dumoulin house.

Car troubles in the parking lot of the Coliseum last night at 29 degrees has turned into more problems this morning. C'mon extended your magic this Christmas!

There cannot be a better rocking show like skilket. My rock band drum dreams have been amplified by Jen. Just WOW!

"I don't want to gain the whole world and lose my soul" Ready to channel the man, TobyMac, tonight while the kids, particularly Lily head bangs to Skillet. We'll see you at 5, Farlow family!

Kelsey Aulbert Dumoulin

‎"Whether you already consider yourself an eco-conscious eater or just recently sewed a pair of knickerbockers from fresh moss," Groupon - you make me laugh nearly every day with your commentary.

Grabbing the kids to assemble this year's family service project...Bags for the Bus Stop!

Making plans for our family's Christmas Craft Saturday! Great project ideas this year. Can't wait!

Sadie just brought me hot cocoa. As she placed the mug on the counter, she said that she couldn't tell me all the secret ingredients. Hmmmmm. I am a little leery.

So, at one point, Sadie was racing in the pool to my left, Ethan was racingg in the pool to my right and there was one second left in the Carolina game on the tv hanging above my head. Here is the test question: Where was my focus? Who knows the answer?

Final results.15 of 16 personal best. 2 more Bs. Best of all, the kids said they had the best time.

knows I will never tire of Lily's deep belly laugh. Never.

Making sure towels are clean, snacks and drinks purchased, DSi's charging, and hotel room confirmed - Yup! It's a swim meet weekend

What is UP with 5th grade boys - seat saving, silent treatment, a throne-like status for one kid? Gees Louise, I have heard about enough.Five are giving Dog House and B Factory a run for the french fry money.

is pretty certain this is the last year with ALL the decorations displayed.

has a very long list with a husband out of town. Must. have. coffee.

thinks that leaving town for Christmas might just be the ticket this year.

Is having a hard time being satisfied with knowing I did the right thing. Where is that joy I am supposed to be feeling?

There is a baby snake in a cage sitting on my desk in the study. The baby snake was found in Jay's workroom in the basement. Three words: Mamma AIN'T happy.

loves having her kids home. Do we have to start the grind again on Monday?!

Thai food and game night! Yipee! Last time we had game night (women in the majority), Ethan wondered out LOUD how any of us were married because we were so loud and cackling. May he exhibit a little discernment this time around.

Woke up to, "There's the Elf! He is here!" The Elf is on our shelf and he is working his magic!

God has blessed me in my life, but I was particularly moved tonight that my son chose to go shopping with me tomorrow in order to spend time with me. He is actually excited about it. Haven't had a shopping partner since my sister passed away. What a joy!

It is good to give thanks to the Lord, to sing praises to your name, O Most High; Psalm 92:1

Jay is baking 7 authentic Dutch apple pies from scratch and I am crafting an Indian costume and assembling a craft project for Lily's class. It must be Thanksgiving!

There's a new bathing suit in town and someone is quite smitten. Adios jammers. He is all speedo now.

is thinking she is going to shake things up at the T-Day table this year by making a cornbread dressing. Wonder how that is going to go down with the traditionalists in our family. Can we start a dressing discussion here? I want to know what everyone does.

The 2010 High Point Christmas Parade. Highlights of the good, the bad and the bizarre in this 2 hour long celebration of commerce, hobby and church groups. Enjoy!

There are always some strange entries in the High Point Christmas parade. The Gremlin car and Pacer car with sleeping passengers might get the prize this year

You know it's love when your husband suggests, on a date night, a quick stop at Hobby Lobby so you can get scrapbook adhesive refills which he heard you ran out of earlier.

is feeling a bit more hip and cool after being asked by Ethan to strut my Rock Band drumming prowess in front of a friend.

The kids have been begging me to buy, "chicken balls." Yes, tea spewed through my nose on that one. I decipered they meant the chicken wire shaped balls with christmas lights strung in them.

Signing up for an optional science fair project, preparing for a spelling bee, and ordering a true speedo bathing suit for swim team, all in one night? Who is this 10 year boy that occupies a bedroom in my house this evening?

During my 3-4 four hours this week without children I will...clean out their closets. Throwing away and donating has never been so easy.

Simplifying weekends does wonders.

To the one who shows me how to live fully every day...Happy 9th Birthday, my sweet and sassy Sadie. You are one in a million.

Spam and hackers have necessitated closing my blog. If you want access, please message me your email address and I'll send you an invite.

will be navigating the tween fashion waters today. Say a prayer for me.

Sleepwalking Sadie...will you visit us tonight? She is like an alarm clock around 1 am, slinking about the stairs, drifting into our room, mumbling the entire time.

is going to hide away in an upstairs closet "organizing" it, to escape from children.

Could it be that I am, for once, ahead of the game?

What a fantastically fun, blessing-filled weekend this has turned out to be! I may not know what is best, but thankfully He does.

thinks you are never too old for a good old magic show!

allowed Sadie to be my personal stylist today. It is worth every "this might not be me" hesitation on my part to see her personal satisfaction and happiness.

wishes I could blame my thyroid for any weight gain. It is normal according to my bloodwork. Time to throw out/giveaway the Halloween candy!

Four speeding tickets in my 22 years of driving...unfortunately, two were in the last 3 months. Ouch.

Oh. Dear. Me. Just found a baggie of Halloween candy hidden underneath Lily's bed. This is not good.

I voted.

Fifth grade boy seeks humorous books for school reading. "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" is out, so need some recommendations. He is not that into adventure/fantasy.

Heard this morning on the news...the #1 superfood for lowering stress levels is dark chocolate. I can go with that.

Lily got 4 "tweezers" tonight at trunk or treat. I think she meant twizzlers. Of course, I had to remove all the Reese cups and Almond Joys because we all know how "unsafe" they are. ;)

Corn maze with swim friends (thanks, Todd for leading the way!), now preparing to head out with my pumpkin fairy and diva ladybug for trunk or treat. My banana is heading out with his dad to a Halloween party. Funny what costumes they choose.

Third night in a row Sadie has been sleep walking. I know immediately because she she slurs her speech, rubs her face and hair and wanders aimlessly around the house. Wish I knew what triggers it.

Received this week: Package containing 16 DVDs of converted video tapes from the my wedding, births, mulitple vacations, brithdays, Christmases, every day life, and many family members who have since passed. What a treasure to relive a lot of these moments all piled on the bed together as a family.

feels very blessed and humbled to have the opportunity I had tonight.

is excited about an outreach/service opportunity tonight that includes the entire family. Time for the kids to take serving others to the next level.

is not too thrilled with a dryland only swim practice as my kids are still bouncing off the walls. The pool wears them out and keeps their mouths shut. Go away bad weather, go away!

Sadie conceived this idea all on her own and was able to figure out how to execute it. Proud of her first ever performance.

OK, so that was officially awesome. It was very short, but very cute. She was definitely in her element as we all know Drama is her middle name.

Almost time to load up the dog who is "willing?" participant in Sadie's self-written vaudeville act, which will be on stage this evening at the Faith Academy talent show. Yes, the video camera is charging for what will most assuredly be the next youtube sensation.

found on my to-do notepad this sentence written by Lily, "I need help." Wonder what that was about - addiction to lava lamps perhaps?

thinks Lily might be a hippie in the making. She is already very lovey. This morning she could not stay focused on getting ready for school because she was too mesmerized/hypnotized by her new lava lamp.

finally, some Bs.

is so incredibly tired of members of my family slinking around, plotting, and hiding to scare me. You would think the kids were the worst, but it is Jay. Their deep-bellied laughter which goes on and on as the reenact my screams and spastic motions is the only reason I don't seriously maim them.

Advice I heard Jay tell Sadie this morning: You only want to wear white socks with sports shoes, otherwise you will look like Michael Jackson.

Gearing up for a soccer game, swim meet, pumpkin purchasing, friend gathering beautiful weather weekend. For my fellow swim families...GO STAR!

Poll question: What age do you think it is appropriate for kids to "go together" or whatever they call it these days? And, what age would you allow your child to go with parents with their "friend" out ot eat, movie, etc.

has the upmost optimism that everything will be resolved and completely fine in the end.

Fantastic field trip today with Sadie. What a gem we have with the Reynolda House in Winston-Salem. Second largest collection of American art in the SE and a house that is as nifty, but more manageable than Biltmore. We both can't wait to go back and do some more exploring.

I am a sinner, but my heart desires not to be a repeat offender.

I love my husband. Sometimes he just knows exactly what to say. Today was one of those days I needed it. (Yes, I actually wrote this. Jay did not hack into my account this time)

Positive. Pushing the positive.

Jury duty...this should be interesting people watching.

At Lily's soccer game hoping that she decides she likes swimming better.

spent over an hour jamming with my favorite band member. It was a Rock Band kind of night at the Dumoulin house. Thankfully, Ethan is very forgiving when I grab the microphone.

This morning, Lily asked me if I had any brothers or sisters. What a nice introduction I was able to give her about her aunt.

Fantastic family time at Doughton Park. Leaves are brillant, hikes stunning, weather perfect. I do love N.C.

Chalk up another one in the "pro" column for becoming a hermit.

Sadie finished all her school by 10 am, helped clean her room and cleaned out drawers and her closet, used her manners ALL day, practiced piano and practically skipped into swim practice today. Not sure whether to celebrate or be very, very afraid.

Well, hellllooooo long pants. It has been quite a while. Guess it is time to get reacquainted.

did something it took Jay 12 years to convince me to do... scuba! Saw nurse sharks, eels, stingrays, and tons of colorful fish. Certification, here I come.

snorkeled along side of a large sea turtle yesterday. Stunning.

First experience with backscatter security at an airport. Tough decision...did I want an semi nude picture of me taken or to be thoroughly patted down. Huh.

will the tears and emotional turmoil ever end in this house? You would think we were all pubescent teenagers. Time to invest some money in Kleenex stock, or stain cleaners for shirt sleeves. Sniff sniff.

Happy Anniversary, Jay! Twelve years and we haven't killed each other, yet! Success!

Just a word of warning to anyone attending the swim meet today...Sadie took her last prednisone and she is out. of. control. Hope this translates to fast times and not just craziness.

Well, I guess it is time to start thinking about the first swim meet of the season which is tomorrow. First thing to pack? Ibuprofen.

Thinks I have had just about all the cancer news I can stand for the rest of my life.

Heard this morning on the way to school, "Mom, sometimes you are right and sometimes you are wrong, but I am going to let you be right all the time." Good choice, oh wise Lily!

When asked how her room became such a mess, Lily responded, "I don't know how that happened, Mommy. I guess the toys just fell off the shelf." Talk about passing the buck! Wonder where she is picking up those "crafty" skills?

Oh. my. word. Sadie and prednisone. Two words never to be used in the same sentence again. Wow. Just wow.

is feeling quite solid about my job security after being away for a weekend from Jay and the kids. He tried, bless his heart.

Pawleys Island and side-splitting, tear-inducing laughs is the way to soothe the soul and clear the brain. Bliss.

would the apple of Sadie's eye please come back to the YWCA so that I don't have to deal with this fit throwing every time there is practice?!?!?

Ended this summer by going off the high dive at the Elk's. Glad there were some witnesses because it will never happen again. So long summertime!

My heart has not been this heavy in a long, long time. I must stay steady or grief will take ahold of me again.

You cannot rightly love God without loving the people He created - no matter who they are or what they have done. And you must understand that you cannot love people consistently and thoroughly without relying on the love and power of the One who created them.

found the cutest dress at Target this week on drastic clearance. Tried it on when I got home and realized that it is from their materinity line and it still fit. What does it mean that I am still considering keeping it because it felt so good.

I think I have just added several years to my life span simply by knowing that there will be no market cleaning freakout October 2010 for me. Our renters are no longer coming to market. I will enjoy my favorite month of the year, October, the first in 5 years.

At the pool watching a load of tweens rock out to Don't Stop Believing by Journey. I thought that was my generation's song. Guess you can't keep a classic down.

Although I am all for thoroughness, especially in this area, I would like for once NOT to be called back in after a mammogram. Dagnabit!

and let the power struggles begin! So much for the honeymoon stage of homeschooling.

is trying to pump myself up to try to tackle Singapore Math tonight. I am attempting to figure out why it is kicking my tail trying to teach it to Sadie. I have the teacher's manual, home instructor's manual, textbook, workbook and an intensive practice book. All I have to say is long live liberal arts!!!!

has had more discussions about my sister in the last week than I have all year. Keep running into people who knew her and mention their fond memories of her. What a blessing, but makes me miss her terribly.

First day of Raritas Academy is done! 179-ish to go! Whew!

Saw a smile on Sadie's face I haven't seen in a while - pure exhilaration and satisfaction. Maybe she isn't finished with swimming afterall.

anks everyone for asking about the dog. We have found a home for him. He has turned out to be a fabulous little dog, and we will be sad to see him leave tonight.

Someone abandoned a minature yorkie at the bridgt. Kids are giving her a bath to FIND HER A HOME! Who is interested as even the kids know we are not keeping her. They aren't even asking. :) Seriously, who wants a sweet little yorkie

has never been so lovingly and expertly convicted than on this Sunday at church. Only God could have orchestrated such a pinpoint shot to my heart. Wow. Just wow.Minor debate going on in our house and I would like others' opinions. How do you pronounce the word "breakfasts" like in this sentence: "This week I will fix many breakfasts." Do you prounounce it like it is really spelled "breakfasts, or like it would sound if it were spelled "breakfastes?" I know, it is a ridiculous question. Indulge me and my non-native English speaking husband.

has relished in this day of kids who are sweet and kind to each other, mature in their behavior and mannerly at the table. Thank you, Camp Lurecrest!

My brood is safely home. Scratchy voices (from screaming), tired eyes (from constant motion) and smiling faces (best week of their lives). Love it.

I think I am being a bit too optimistic to think that when Ethan and Sadie come home tomorrow from camp the fighting will be over. Still, I am hanging a banner in the house that says, "Welcome Home! It is a NEW DAY in the Dumoulin House!"

One flew back to the cuckoo's nest last night and discovered of all things, Steve Urkel.

heading out to the homeschool bookstore this morning to wrap up my choices. Am I really doing this?!?!

I love you, Charming Charlie. You made my day

The silence is almost suffocating...BUT, I am not complaining. I can deal with shallow breathing for a while.

Today, drivie to Charlotte to put the kids on the bus for camp. Take Lily to her grandparents for three days. Breath a sigh of relief and relishing in the silence. After two days, pine away for the noise again.

Happy Birthday, Hottie! Congratulations on successfully living 39 years and beginning your 40th year of life!

Three days until my two oldest leave for CAMP LURECEST! Not sure who is most excited! Ethan has been counting down the days since he came home last year. Sadie will go with her cousin Gray for their first overnight experience. And I, my friends, I will have 6 glorious days of parenting only one child.

Wow. Ten year old boys. Wow. The pack spent 20 minutes beating the snot out of each other with pool noodles in the shallow end of the pool. It was like a pack of piranha.

thinks it is no fun to console kids who have been left out of the loop.

is trying to decided if I will actually roller skate today. Not packing socks is an easy out.

First night the kids are sleeping in their new tree house that Jay built. All bets are being placed on how many times they come back into the house to get something and if they actually sleep there tonight!

So so sad.

Moving from the swimming world to WORLD CUP MANIA! HUP HOLLAND HUP

I am very proud of Sadie - 9th in breast out of some 150 girls and 16th in back out of some 200 girls. She, however, is extremely disappointed because she was so hoping for a top three medal. There is always next year!

Heading back to the swim meet tonight. Sadie made finals in back and breast. Go Sadie go!

needs a better day tomorrow.

It is hot at day 1 of 3 of city swim meet. Hot hot hot

Thinks Laura Funk is the best person in the world.

Nothing says "fun" like throwing a month's worth of garbage off the back of a pick-up truck and into the county dump in the mid-day heat of summer. When will I learn to take a bag each time. Yuck!

Word to the world. Sadie has an obsession with ace bandages. My grandmother just gave her a large bag of them. She will, undoubtedly, wear them out in public as she has two on now. She is not injured. Don't let the expertly wrapped appendages fool you.

Priceless. My 84 year old grandmother just watched her 8 year old great grandaughter win breast stroke. Picture perfect.

Lily walks in and says to me and Coach Laura, "Mom, do you notice anything different?" Coach Laura noticed it first. Lily gave herself a semi-MULLET! Scrambling to find a stylist to make something of this TODAY or else she will be wearing a swim cap for a long time.

wonders if you can overdose on summer tomato sandwiches. If so, sign me up for rehab. Can't eat them fast enough

One day down, and 4 more swim meets this week to go.At the swim meet tonight Lily said, "I have GREAT news!" Jay and I responded, "What?" Lily said with the biggest smile on her face, "I kissed a boy!" OMW!!!! It became a little better when she announced it was "only" on the forehead.

After feeling like my Rock Band playing days were over, I have found a new posse with whom to play. ROCK ON!

Hup! Holland Hup! Jij bent de kampioen. Semi-finals!

Hobby Lobby...shame on you for not only putting out fall decorations, but Chirstmas ornaments and crafts, too. Booooooo!

Can NOT believe my ultra conservative husband just shaped/shaved my son's hair into an arrow on top, like in the movie Avatar. Yes, with the sides shaved. Really, Jay? I am nearly speechless.

Can't decide who is more excited about going to ArtQuest - me or the kids!

Thought about trying geocaching this weekend with the kids. Has anyone done it and was it really like a treasure hunt?

thinks it not a coincidence that the first sunflower to bloom in my garden is facing into my kitchen. Sunflowers were Ansley's flower. All the rest of the flowers are facing the sun, like they should. I am thankful for the the smile I get every morning when I walk into the kitchen, see it, and remember her.

is finding my groove back. Hanging out with one of my bestest childhood friends today. Nothing like being with one who knows you without explanation or justification.

Attitude change today, well-received news, peaceful spirits and friend who help me put what is important back in front of me. I say that is a GREAT day!

D-O-N-E with mothering for the day and it is only 10:39 am. Sigh

just has no fight left in me

Packing and preparing to watch Lilly's cheerleading show and then off to sweat off 5 pounds and fry my brain at a 3-day swim meet in Greensboro for Ethan and Sadie.Still feeling a bit weird about how loudly I squawked at Ethan Tuesday night at a swim meet. Eek. We made a deal after the event - he promised to pay attention when it was time for his part in the relay and I won't screech his name so loudly the people around the pool stop talking. Oops.


When will Lily learn that rubbing eyes, yawning in the car, flailing around, stomping her feet, and declaring, "I am not tired!" earns an automatic nap in our house?

Trying to make some sense out of all my thoughts, discarding the ones based on emotions only.

can't sleep. Listening to the sound of my youngest babbling in her sleep

Not to leave my own dad out of the thanks on Father's Day, but he is not and will never be on facebook. I am happy he can just check email. Well, sometimes that is also a problem. Snopes, Dad. Check it out before you send it out! :)

To my hottie, Jay: Happy Father's Day! Thank you for being such a fabulous parenting partner! Can you believe we have kept them alive this long?!?! Thanks for fighting for us every day.

Showing grace is a more difficult path than dismissing someone altogether. It says I am willing to put aside my own emotions in exchange for letting God take control and trusting the battle for one of His own is His.

Thank you, Hollister, for busting my ear drums with a brain rattling volume level, making me squint and fumble in the dark as I manuvered through small rooms of overpriced clothing, and forcing me scream to a sales "model" to ask where the cashier was located. All for a gift card. As we left, Ethan said, "Oh, next time I am coming here." Great.

It's questions like, "Hey Mom, who built Hanes Mall?" That are driving me nuts.

working on SWIM FOR CANCER! Only 5 days left until the kids swim to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

Sad. The bird has died.

Who else has found a wild baby bird alive in their child's bed? Welcome to the wonderful world of Dr. Sadie Dolittle.

is headed to the DOOOOOOOGGGG House!

had a very late, but very great night out with the kids. I love summer swimming.

seems to be missing my beat today. Hope to catch my stride soon. I don't like being so off.

Swim practice was canceled so what is a Mom to do? Pull teeth, of course. Tooth fairy has two pillows to check tonight! Lily is already difficult to understand, now with no top teeth, my job now includes that of interpreter.

thinks it is great when it gets dark outside during the day because of storms and my youngest thinks it is bedtime. She went upstairs and got her pajamas on, too!

gearing up for a ydub hot mommas reunion in the courtyard. Ladies? Ha ha hee hee.

going to have breakfast this morning with my little 84 year old grandmother, who is driving herself to Applebees for the Elk's swim team pancake fundraiser.

thinks that 3 different pools in one day is just a bit much even for our family of water rats.

Swim meet until 11:00 pm last night. Kids slept in until 8:30. I think I inadvertently forced them to convert to Eastern Time Zone time in one night. Just hope it didn't wear them down too much.

said hello to jet lag at 4 am. Looks like a very long day ahead as the kids, including Lily, have their first summer league swim meet tonight.

is home. The End.

Finally on a plane at 8! Note to everyone, if it is white, too tight and too short, then you be in style if flying this summer.

Flight now delayed until 7.

Is almost home. We missed our connection and are waiting for next flight out of Philly.

Missing everyone! Hear the weather has not been so sunny at home. Maybe we can bring some with us.

Thursday night. Heading out to visit a church nearby that was built in the 11th century Spent the day with the kids making some cool crafts and then swimming at the lake. The rest of the family toured WWI forts and battlefields.

Made it to France. Forgot how beautiful it is. Stunning. Weather fantastic. Toured the largest chateau in Europe yesterday. Overindulging in fresh bread from the bakery and cheese.

Well, the transition to Dun sur Meuse, France begins today and thus ends the travel log for family following us in Asheboro. Internet access is not immediately available. No news is good news! Homeward bound on Sunday.

knows that no amount of begging or hissy-fit throwing will ever change Jay's mind about living in the Netherlands again. However, I am still tempted to try. My heart is here.

Today is our last day in the Netherlands. My spirit is never as calm as it is here. Sad to leave tomorrow for France.

Happines is...a trip to the Albert Heijn that has yielded a suitcase worth of snacks, chocolate, Indonesian and gehakt spices, friet sauce, curry ketchup, candy, chocolate hagel and spread, PALM beer and cheese, glorious cheese. I think we will bring home an extra suitcase.

Ok, so I just slept 12 hours. Wow. Lazy Sunday today in the Netherlands. Nothing open so we will just hang and possibly visit relatives of Jay's. Gearing up for shopping tomorrow.

We are off to Amsterdam (canal tour, Van Gogh Museum) and Volendam (historic, touristy village) today. All is well!

The most happiest birthday to my little man, Ethan! Ten years today! The kids and the grandparents are going to Efteling, a Dutch amusement park, today. Not too shabby of a place to celebrate his day.

made it safe and sound, with luggage. Kids were great on the plane. I have stuffed myself with the best cheese on the planet, taken a nap and am ready to go!

Inbound flight delayed. At risk for missing connection. Erg! Told kids to get ready to run.

Dog sent to sitter: check. Refrig cleaned out: check. Three DSi's charged: check. Snuck in another pair of shoes: check. Hee hee. Almost time!

is calculating how many shoes I need for 12 days and how many I can get into the bag before Jay has a duck fit.

Trip excitement rose a little higher today when we realized this is Lily's introduction to the Netherlands, a country where she claim citizenship. Today is packing, kids last day of school, packing, errands, packing, swim for cancer luncheon, packing, swim practice, packing, errands, packing

looks like I have a loving heart, a leader and a devoted disciple in my midst.

Gees Louise, I woke up feeling like my head is in a fishbowl. Not sure what I am more worried about - the fact that I heard what a terrible singer I am in the car this morning or the plane ride scheduled in two days.

Oldest two watched Karate Kid this morning. A sparring ring has been set up in the living room. Expecting a day full of wax on, wax off, that bird kick and bruised children

Trucking kids to a golf clinic, birthday party, then swim practice. My reward? Babysitter at 6.I feel like heaven is pouring down...only two more "school nights" for me and this year is history! Ahhhhhhhh.

My child will not stop talking about this day - the day she gets to swim with the summer swim team for the first time. I don't mind. It just means we are moments away from the start of summer! Whoo hoo!

knows for once what it must feel like to be a Dumoulin kid. I majorly hit my my forehead on the corner of a cabinet and no one gave me a glance even though I was howling and shrieking. They didn't care until I walked into the room with blood running down my forehead. Mercy runs high in our house, I tell ya.

attended a stroke and turn clinic last night. Not sure if I am cracked up to be so official at swim meets this summer.

Thank you, Sheriff David Grice, for the jury summons. I am all about my civic duty, but not in the summer when I have to find childcare.

Now knows that I should never try to type a fb status via my phone at a swim meet. What is "very-g" anyway?

It is so hot in cart that people are very-g into the pool fully dressed. And not just children either!

Unfortunately, 4:00 am wake-up not completely justified at this point. Let's just chalk it up as meet experience.

is beginning to rethink tomorrow's 4:00 am wake-up call. Lord, you did not create me to be productive before 8 (who am I kidding -really 9), but for tomorrow can you help a girl out?

Tumble Euro, Tumble! Momma needs a new pair of shoes in a couple of weeks.

Early pick-up and haircut for one child - Check. Costco, bank and Wal-Mart trips - Check. Swim practice for three children - Check. Pack bags for one child's overnight beach trip with class that leaves at 6 AM tomorrow- Check. Supervise piano practice for one child's recital tomorrow - Check. Create Georgia O'Keeffe costume (?) and watch oral book report practice - Check. Tired - Check.

The next two weeks are just those ludicrous weeks where I am fearful of forgetting a child somewhere. I am a day behind, grasping at time with a to-do list a mile long. Let the countdown begin!

Dear, sweet little bird, one of God's creation, I love your sweet melodious and very consistent little song. It brings joy my heart to hear you trill outside my window as the sun rises. However, I must beg you to delay your daily 5:48 am-ish opening so that my desire to break your hollow bones would not be my first thought of the day. Thank you.

just realized that I am going to have to get up Saturday morning at a time that only God is awake to take my kids to a 7 AM warm-up at a swim meet in Cary.

I am so blessed with great friends. Makes me humble to see how others so readily serve others.

Woke up to shouts of "Happy Mother's Day" and breakfast in bed at 6:24 AM. I don't think I ever tire of beautiful drawings, love notes and poems given to me by my kids. Even at the crack of dawn, my kids are the best.

My boy spent the day at Carowinds with the school choir. He came home with stuffed animals he won for each of the girls. What a sweetie.

is in the midst of reading a book that is answering a lot of questions about people in my household. The book? "Living with Intensity" Ha ha!

Getting the house and yard ready for the swim site cookout. Whoo hoo!

Getting the house and yard ready for the swim site cookout. Whoo hoo!

Discovered that her two girls took it upon themselves to eat cotton candy in the back seat of the car, YES, COTTON CANDY IN THE CAR, on the way to an orthodontic squeeze-in due to a spacer that lasted less than 24 hours in Sadie's mouth and after eating suckers that they conned the teller into giving them. The resulting sugar high is most uncontrollable at the moment.

So, yeah, a little freak-out going on in the Dumoulin house this morning. Just found a 5' long snake skin right along the side of the house by the FRONT door. Ready to move to an apartment, in a high rise, in the middle of a large city.

So, yeah, a little freak-out going on in the Dumoulin house this morning. Just found a 5' long snake skin right along the side of the house by the FRONT door. Ready to move to an apartment, in a high rise, in the middle of a large city.

Thanks for the restaurant suggestions and pnp offers. I am covered. Now, onto the first long course swim meet for the kids. May they just finish and survive. Of course, I really should be saying that to myself. I am looking at about 4 hours or more of waiting around for about 8 minutes or less of my kids actually swimming. Who can beat those spectator odds?

Thanks for the restaurant suggestions and pnp offers. I am covered. Now, onto the first long course swim meet for the kids. May they just finish and survive. Of course, I really should be saying that to myself. I am looking at about 4 hours or more of waiting around for about 8 minutes or less of my kids actually swimming. Who can beat those spectator odds?

Thanks for the restaurant suggestions and pnp offers. I am covered. Now, onto the first long course swim meet for the kids. May they just finish and survive. Of course, I really should be saying that to myself. I am looking at about 4 hours or more of waiting around for about 8 minutes or less of my kids actually swimming. Who can beat those spectator odds?

Yeah, I am back. But I have a need....I am looking for a restaurant in the Raleigh area (closer to Cary) that has an outdoor terrace, will take reservations and doesn't mind mildly mannered kids. HELP!!!!

For those that have asked, I finally put it into words on my blog, "Why I am Leaving Facebook" As usual, it is just part of a larger battle. Now...onto deacctivation.

Friends, I am leaving facebook in a couple of days. Please make a note of my email address and blog address. I hope to stay in contact with you via those methods.

Here's the deal, Mother Nature. You are falling down on your job transitioning to another season. Old Man Winter is just that, OLD! For crying out loud, certainly you can beat him down. I am happy to bring out my own boxing gloves to lend a hand. Squash him and move on!

how blessed I am
is preparing for a family and friends lunch feast to celebrate Sadie's baptism tomorrow. A very exciting day for her!
Ahhhhh. He is home. The planets aligned just right and the kids are all at sleepovers. It is nice to have Jay all to myself to catch up.

Over 12" of snow and more coming down, wind advisory = first flight canceled. :( I am not sure who is more disappointed. However, now maybe Jay has time for a quick stop in the American Girl store. Somehow I don't think that is going to happen.

One day and counting...can't wait for the love of my life to get home!

No matter how many times I watch that Visa commercial about Dan Jansen, I cry. At least it is just tears now, instead of ridiculous sobbing.

Friday? Seriously, Jay? You aren't coming home until Friday? I guess another week of single parenting it is. Sigh.

Jeanne's yummies, Melissa's perfect dive, Crystal's laughter, Paula's stories, Tonya's artistic flair, a perfectly, fabulous location for refueling, visiting an old friend, and 50 pages...I think I experienced a tiny piece of heaven this weekend. Can't wait to go back this summer, ladies!!!

Packing up for girls' weekend. yahoo! Just hope it all fits in the car!

Quote from my bible study: "I'm totally afraid we are routinely putting ouselves in front of things that compromise the good the Lord wants to accomplish in us." Ummmm....facebook? Ouch

finally figured out how to stop the RSS feed from my blog! Yay! My profile will not longer post my blog when I update it. Relief.Whew! Made it through another anniversary. Thanks, guys, for all the prayers and well-wishes. Grief is never easy, but feeling the love from others brings such a comfort.

I don't think I have ever heard such a scary, worrisome comment as this, "Don't worry, Mom. I know what I am doing." Sadie, 8.

In memory of my beautiful sister and best friend, Ansley, who journeyed heavenward three years ago this week. An incredibly courageous and inspiring life she lived; an amazing legacy she left for me! What a gift God blessed me with for 36 years

is heading to a swim meet this morning. Only one more meet after this and the season is finished. The kids are already way too antsy (another wrestling smackdown looks imminent) and we still have a little over an hour before we leave.Well, the crafts didn't happen because the kids decided to particpate in the Dumoulin family version on WWF Wrestle Mania in the living room which resulted in time spent in rooms this afternoon. Ah, the joys of a snow day.

is heading to the basement to do the least cost-effective, most nerve wracking thing I can think of...make homemade valentines with the kids. Yes, crafts with my kids. Wish they were more interested in letting me spend 2.99 for a box. God grant me the patience...

updating my "read on a regular basis" blog list. Tell me your favorite...leaving the obvious ones at the door (news, politics).

is very excited about what is on the calendar for February!

needs some serious, serious help with cleaning out the scrapbook room/craft room today. I can't let go and I need to let go. Any takers? I love you on a cloudy day

HPCA - NO school tomorrow! We are going to finish this NC notebook! So much for a break for Ethan!

if you are watching the Int'l Civil Rights Museum grand opening, what is the significance of the man wearing the white fez and carrying the large white feather?

I have never, ever been told I look like anyone - no actress, no athlete, no one. No Dopple-whatever week for me.

Starting the soup. Cleaning the table for the puzzle. Hot chocolate coming up. Movies in the movie room. Snow gear out and ATV/ropes/sleds are gathered. Who's coming to play? I love this weekend.

Whew! Already hit the grocery store for LEGITIMATE grocery needs. Beat the crowds that will for sure swarm there this afternoon.

wants to know why my husband put on the movie Fame tonight. Something weird is going on.

It pained me greatly to make a check out to Duke University today. Great pain/

Full I love thee.Winterplace and Snowshoe. Who has been and what details can you give me? We are trying to plan another ski trip within driving distance.

At sugar skiing way way too crowded and way unorganized. Lots of snow though.

is thrilled to announce that after 11 months of fighting, paperwork, and terrible customer service, my insurance has finally decided to pay for my annual breast MRIs. Yay! However, it does not go unnoticed that their letter declaring a 30% premium increase arrived just last week. We really never win with these people, do we?

wonders just when my kids started assuming they could sleep in my bed when dad is out of town. I walked into my bedroom and two were in the bed and one had dragged her trundle bed mattress and blankets down the stairs and had it set up on the floor. So much for me time tonight!

can't believe that my own child just brought me a her grocery list, neatly numbered, entitled, "Sadie's grocries." (that was not a typo) She is such a type A.

thinks it is definitely a cowbell kind of day

loved watching my kids finally get legal in all their strokes. Well, except Sadie who might be the only swimmer to be legal in the 100 butterfly before the 50 fly. Throwing in a bunch of dropped times was icing on the cake. Good to be home!I am not sure what I am looking forward to most about this weekend - watching Sadie swim the 100 Butterfly and Ethan swim the 100 Back for the first time (please no DQs); getting out of town (even if it is Rock Hill, SC) or spending time with my fellow swim moms. It is almost like a Girls' Weekend...almost.

Haiti - speechless

Today, I walked out of a store to my van. My remote entry did not work, despite clicking it several times. Aggravated, I began to grab onto the door handle and yank several times. Nothing. I glanced inside the van, recognizing nothing. It was not my car. I ended up having to use my remote entry "lock" button, to cause my car to honk, to figure out exactly where I parked MY van. If only this were the first time.listening to some ska this morning, trying to at least mentally feel as if I am on a warm beach somewhere. C'mon summer...can you fight a little harder to get here?

It's Gift Card Day with the kids. I will have to carry the cards in my purse since they have burned a hole in the kids' pockets. Have put off a trip to...Justice (sigh) long enough. Blogged about my irritation with that store yesterday.

all those color postings yesterday made me rethink my choice this morning. Living it up a little today!

To end speculation, check out this snow forecast map, local folks. My reaction: Are you kidding me? The snow forecast circles around us, but won't give us anything but flurries?!?! Never seen anything like this.

Panic is over. However, I still would like to delete the feed. If someone wants to visit my blog, great, but I don't want every post automatically listed on the news feed. I will say that "my mistake" has generated several fantastic conversations, so for that, I am thankful.Today is not the day to lose a glove.

I will work out. I will work out. I will work out.So, my nephew comes in from playing in an old chicken coop on our property. He announces that they had found some really, really old newspapers...all the way back from the 1980s!!! Ugh.

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