Saturday, January 01, 2011

And so it is.  Another year. 
A year filled with bizarre, eye-opening revelations about the nature of people. 
A year of discovering and affirming that people are not the source of worth or happiness. 
A year of determining that being a hermit has its merits. 
A year of finding that I enjoy the productivity that comes from making things with my hands that are useful and purposeful. 
A year of relearning some lessons I learned in college and realizing again who I am.
A year of lounging in negativity and depression and identifying what it takes to pull out it and be positive.
A year of spending time with my kids and learning that my kids are great, well-rounded, full of hilarity and intelligence.  I absolutely cannot wait to see what they become as adults...the possibilities are endless.

That wasn't a very positive list (with the exception of two of them), but mentally, I don't think 2010 was very positive.  Although I know that much of that positive comes from my own choices, some of it was very circumstantial.  Surrounding yourself with people who believe as you do, who value what you do, who are encouraging and supportive is critical.  Being in the word and living it out fully is even more so. 

Looking forward to 2011 I know what changes need to be made.  Bible study, more work with my hands (gardening and sewing), yoga which I know will help my back and more documentation in terms of photos which really faltered this year. Growing my kids' faiths and reliance on the Lord must take a front seat.  Finally, keeping an eternal perspective in everything I do creates a life focused on the Lord which  eliminates the small stuff which entangles us so easily.

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