Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cooking it up in '11

There is something about January that awakens a desire to whip up some new goodies in my kitchen.  As if the Christmas season weren't enough to fill my cooking cup.  It usually begins with the addition of a new cookbook to my collection.  I pour through looking for new dishes to try.  One year, I broke in a new Asian cookbook.  The next, a quick weeknight cookbook.  Usually it includes a Cooking Light book as well.  However, this year, I didn't receive my usual.  I bought a cookbook prior to Christmas to support the Junior League of High Point as well as a huge collection of recipes from The Best of Southern Living.  With the busy-ness of the holidays I am just now having a chance to peruse them.

New dishes this year have included:

Thai Stir Fry
Butter Chicken (Indian dish)
Tikki Marsala Chicken
Cowboy Pot Roast
Arroz con Pollo

Past favorites have included:
Mustard Maple Pork
Vegetable Night - including homemade mac and cheese
Burritos and Tacos with beef and chicken fajitas
Asian Chicken Burgers (which are divine by the way)

The kids have been pretty receptive to the new stuff.  Not that they have a choice in our house.  However, I think the most compliments and excitement I have received have been regarding canned, condensed chicken and rice soup served today.  Sad.  To their defense, I don't know that they have ever had it, canned, condensed because I usually make soup from scratch.  Nothing like an extra dose of sodium.  Oh well. At least Jay and I enjoy the new dishes!  Hope I can continue the momentum!

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