Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Family Theme 2011

This year, my family theme is:  Trusting who God says He is. 

By theme, I mean, what emphasis I am going to make in teaching the kids.  I came about the focus through trying to have my kids identify what they were feeling when they were arguing with/tattling on their siblings and also when they were complaining and whining about some circumstance.  The idea was then bolstered by a recent talk given at our church. 

Deep down, when we really look at the core of ourselves we find that we react negatively when we are not trusting the nature of who God says He is.  Instead of trying to seek revenge or prove we are right, we should wait on the Lord.  Instead of whining and complaining we should trust we have been given exactly what we need by God.  When we don't feel good about ourselves, we must remember why God created us.  When we define ourselves by the world which often leads to attempts at pleasing others, we should remember that God's love is more than sufficient.

Nearly every argument or situation that has developed with my kids lately has gone back to that one overriding principal that God is more than enough. 

It will be interesting to see this fleshed out this year.  I plan on working through, "God, What's Your Name" by Kay Arthur with the kids to build their knowledge of just how God says He is in the bible.  As the past attests, when you delve into a particular subject like this, I expect many teachable moments to come pouring forth.  Bracing myself with prayer.

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