Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The birds and bees

I am in the midst of some serious emotional gunk/turmoil (post in composition mode), and market cleaning (yes, you will hear about this for another week or so), but couldn't let THIS one pass me by. Such a classic.

For those that have been reading my little corner of the blogging world for a while know that "Time for bed" is translated in Ethan's mind to "Time for deep conversations with Mom." Thus follows tonight's very brief conversation:

Ethan: Mom, I have one of those questions for you.

Me: Ok, let's sit down on the sofa.

Ethan: So, how does sex actually start.

Me: Ummm. Ummm. Well, why are you asking that? Did someone say something at school?

Note: I have learned that often something has been said that produces such questions and if I ask what precipitated the question then I can usually come up with a satisfactory answer without giving too much away.

Ethan: No. I have just been thinking.

Me: Well, you know it is between a husband and wife, who are married and well, I guess it begins with kissing. Not that kissing always leads to that. Ummm. Well. (Clearly stalling as I have no idea what the appropriate response is)

Ethan: But is sex just for making babies? Wait, no, ...does that mean...(I can see the wheels turning in his mind)...Do you and Daddy still have sex?


I am so not ready for this.


Angela said...

It's looks like you are swiftly heading toward The Talk in your house. Regardless of what you say, he'll probably have a "yuck, gross" reaction. Oh, the joys of parenting.

Anonymous said...

From Molly:oh my goodness - this is more than "even when he's 25 he'll still leave his socks on the floor" kind of guy/girl talk :)

Anonymous said...

Clearly, he doesn't know what he is asking otherwise, he would never ask that! I mean, who wants that answer about their own parents?