Friday, March 26, 2010

Ummm, what do you want?

Because every once in a while I revert to a being a teenager with no sense of decorum and complete immarturity, I document this line spoken by my sweet little Lily, age5, who had just finished up her bowl of popcorn.

"MOOOOMMMMM, I want some more cockporn, please."

I just looked at her innocent face and left the room to howl.  At least she used her manners.  I hope I don't start getting a million hits from complete sleezebags because I wrote that word on my blog. 


Angela said...

Too, too funny. Speaking of inappropriate on-line searches. . . when I taught at Hasty, the net nanny at school wouldn't let me search for info on a book, The Sign of the Beaver, the class was reading. I finally figured out the system thought it was porn because of the word "beaver"- extreme, but amusing.

Jewels said...

well, sweetie, Ian once asked for a "piece of azz", when he wanted ice.

i feel you

MomOfType1 said...

That is TOO funny!! She is such a sweet girl, bless her little heart.....and her little mouth, as well~
: )