Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Trippin' the light fantastic

Here is a partially frivolous, superficial post. There aren't many material things I covet. At least that is how I think I am. I have a decent perspective on clothes, shoes, etc. I may have a bit of them, but I never pay much for them. I balk at shoes over $40.00, for instance. Spending money on a $100 handbag...never. I know how temporal this world is. I am not judging anyone who does, it is just not my thing. HOWEVER, on occasion, something will strike my fancy in way that it will not leave my mind for days. Here is what is tempting me lately:

Raclette Grill. Some of you know my fondness for the Fondue. I love hosting parties with large platters of goodies to dip into pots filled with decadent cheeses and chocolates. Some of you have also experienced the utter disdain my husband has for waiting around for food to cook/eat, or worse, food in small quantities. Thus, fondue doesn't get served as often as I would like.

Enter device right. I had forgotten about this little nifty gadget until a recent bible study. You see, this bible study is geared around meals -could it get any better? Our host brought out her raclette grill and I nearly gasped in delight. Check this out...grill on top, melting cheese in your own individual pan on the bottom. I last used a device loosely similar to this on one of my final nights in the Netherlands. My host family and I cooked dinner using little individual pans. I loved it then, I LOVE IT now. To me, this takes away much of the waiting around factor from fondueing, but gives you a lot more options with meat. This could be my solution!

Item #2: Boden USA - the entire catalogue. Never have I been so entranced by colors and patterns brought together. The clothes aren't earth shattering in themselves, it is how they put it all together. It is just my style. Funny, my fellow swim mom, Molly, showed up at the pool on the same day, with the same catalogue feeling the exact same way. I am not alone. Thankfully, their website loads very slowly and they don't carry petites, otherwise it could be trouble. I am not even going there with the prices, ok? Pictures to the right aren't from the current catalogue, so order a free one today!

Fabric and felt necklaces. I can't pinpoint the source of the fascination, but I love the possibilities of variations.

My friend, Margo, is a sewing genius and I just know she can whip one of these up. She also makes nifty, funky t-shirts, fabric headbands. I have been the benefactor of several of the headbands. Love them. With summer around the corner, I think I need to place an order with my dear friend.

On the non-frivilous material side...Homeschool information. Yes, you read that correctly. I don't even have a picture to post I am so new at considering this. Considering this...ok, so I think I am past considering this. If this is not what I am supposed to do, may God slap me over the head with a 2x4. At this point I will be focusing on one child only. I am sure I don't even have to name her, but in case there is a new reader, it is Sadie. I have ordered some informational books, made a few appointments and registered for the large homeschool conference in a nearby city. I am really most excited about this program as it encompasses history, art, music and drama (most essential to the child in question). Sadie needs more learning and she needs less influence. Her excitement for new subjects is being squelched by her impulsively and desire to entertain the class. I have seen her potential and this year has not even come close to tapping into it. I know I am at risk at being continually chipped away piece by piece until there is nothing left but my big toe walking around. Yet, I plow forward knowing this is the best thing for this child at this time. I am freakishly and naively excited. Here is a very funny blog post about why another mom homeschools.

The new TobyMac CD - could be my all-time favorite. Simply rocks. How anyone can stay still listening to, "Funky Jesus Music" is beyond me. The songs range from heavy, to rap, to disco and dance. LOVE IT! The bonus track on the end cracks me up.

Finally, I am happy that many of the blogs I frequent are back to blogging. It may be a surprise that some of my favorite blogs are quite liberal in focus, or use an occasional curse word. Those types of blogs always make me think (not the curse words, the liberal topics) and I think it is always good to evaluate why you believe what you do. God's word is my resource on this one. Here is my list of current favs: xtcian (writer from my days at Carolina who has perfected accurate analogies and a vocabulary straight out of the SAT, and is very liberal), Josh & Danielle (people I don't know, but are connected with members of my family who describe life in a country far away with much humor), The Meanest Mom (and you thought my life was a circus - hilarious!), The Whine Seller (my friend Jennifer, who doesn't blog often - though she should because when she does...hysterical).

What has landed in your interest column lately?


Margo said...

That is SO CRAZY--I was reading your post in amazement because I just had my first raclette experience in Paris on Monday night and now I am obsessed with them, only to continue reading and see that I (ME!) was mentioned in your blog. How sweet :) Now I guess I have to make you something... Love ya.

Angela said...

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah- you haven't run running and screaming from the homeschool world yet! :)

Heather Watson said...

I love the Boden catalog too...just got another on in the other day with FREE SHIPPING and 15% is coaxing me to shop!! xxoo....Heather