Thursday, February 26, 2009

Give it Away Part 2

And I quote:

"I ask...God forgive me. I am ready and willing, in prayer and meditation, to give it all away for You."

What the heck was I thinking writing that? Not that it was insincere, because I meant every word at the time I wrote it. But, did I really think through the possible ramifications of that statement?!

As evident in my blog posts and other writings over the last couple of months, I have been put to the fire, tested, drawn out, worked over, revealed, pushed, and I might just go so far as to us the big "s" word. I have suffered. I thought it just couldn't get any worse, and frankly the last couple of weeks I appeared to rebound. I likened it to a faucet that was abruptly turned off. All the gunk coming at me was shut-off like a switch. Life moved back into its routine and rhythm and I had a brief moment of peace. And, then, I had to go write something like that.

Now, I know this hasn't been a physical suffering, at least not at age 37. Only a fraction would even notice that all of this cesspool has been churning inside me. I have learned well and fast that suffering can never compared. And, always, I mean always you can find someone that is "suffering" more more than you. But in my own life, this is the low of lows. The challenge of challenges. The reveal and pain of reveals and pains. And so, to not say it is suffering for me would be denying all that I am dealing with. I am done with denial.

I like to stuff things down. I am a stuffer. Well, maybe not completely, but on the really painful stuff, oh yeah. It is easy as pie to cram it into a box, superglue it and leave in the back recess of your mind. You know, it can sit there for years, not bothering anyone. At least you have yourself convinced it is gone, over with, done. But actually, it is oozing out of that little box and slowly infiltrating other parts of your life. What you don't realize is how that goo starts crawling and creeping until everything in your brain, your experiences, your relationships - ALL of it is tainted by it. In the end, you can't view anything you are connected to without those slime-covered glasses. And, because you have to wear those glasses every day, you have now bought all the lies - hook, line and sinker.

Yeah, I know all the lines. Time will heal. God is with you. He won't give you more than you can handle (which is not in the bible, by the way). He will use this to grow you, etc. etc. etc. Well, at the moment, I think I have had all the growth that I can deal with for a while. Maybe this is blasphemous and I don't mean for it to be. I am just being very honest and true to what I am feeling.

Frankly, I am not finding much comfort in this dark cavern where I find myself residing. It's going to be a long, long road out of this place. At least He has made it very, very clear that the timing is right for all of this. And, I know He is providing the flashlight for the way out. But, it is still very scary. I can't see the end, only what is right in front of me. I keep tripping and stumbling over rocks, groping for something to hold onto and everything seems to covered in that cold slime from my past. Did I really give it all away for this? Oh, I am ready for the end of this journey!

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Victoria said...

Kelsey, there are two things that kept me alive during the most suffering I've ever had to endure. These past 2 years have been all about pain, healing and growth for me...
The constant reminder that "this too shall pass" prevented me from falling to pieces...sometimes it allowed for me to be able to shatter just enough for God to form something new from the wreckage. Holding to the fact that nothing lasts forever is key to savoring each joyful moment and letting go of the hurt caused by the painful ones.

All the lines you quoted bring me little comfort either. I did see the light at the end of the tunnel each time I'd choose to remember that God works all things for good for those who love Him and that He is at work in me so that I can best be put to work for Him.

I don't know that what helped to keep me sane as God brought me through ordeal after ordeal will do the same for you. I do know that the more you seek to know who God says He is and who that makes you, the more likely you are to find a stabilizing truth to cling to when you're losing sight.

I'm praying for your journey!