Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sweet mornings

Each morning, the little tip swish, tap swish of my little Lily's feet is my first indication that someone is stirring in my house. As she pitter patters into my room, she whispers, "Mommy,it is moooooorrrrnning time." I roll over, slightly pry my eyes open and find a little angelic face inches from mine. She smiles at me through tousled hair. Her warm, sleepy breath fills my face while she waits, eagerly for her first kiss and snuggle of the morning.

After 9 years, she is the only one who still "wakes" me up in the morning. The older two simply slink down the stairs, past our room and curl up onto the sofa in the the kitchen. There, the television is quickly turned on to slowly wake them.

I have been blessed with good sleepers. There were seasons, of course, where nights were restless, kids refused to stay in bed and it seemed we played a constant game of musical beds. I never knew where I would end up in the morning. Those days are behind us, thankfully, because I am one who thrives on 9 hours of sleep each night. Any less and I am a complete grouse.

This morning, she doled out her little lovies and then climbed into bed with me. She wanted to talk about the sky. "Mommy, look at the clouds. Aren't they beautiful?" I looked out the windows and through the trees. Honestly, it didn't look any differently that most mornings. In fact, I don't think there were any clouds in the sky. It was just a morning foggy haze. Nevertheless, we talked about the blues and the whites and what she saw in the sky.

Nothing significant about this morning. No life changing epiphanies. Just a little moment in time that I wanted to preserve before my Lily alarm clock ceases and she begins to walk by my room on the way to the kitchen.

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