Thursday, December 31, 2009

A check on 2009

Here were my goals for 2009, copied and pasted from the original post here. Let's see how I did:

1. To laugh more, enjoy life more. To be more spontaneous. FAILED and failed miserably.

2. To document my life more consistently whether in blogging, scrapbooking or other means. SUCCEEDED, I think by two blog posts!!! I did develop a scrabooking plan to get me current which has gotten me excited about my hobby again.

3. To serve others in my community. To find my place, my niche, which I currently don't have. FAILED, although I know for sure we did more for others this Christmas season, so maybe I started on the right path. It just took me a while to get here. Still don't have a consistent schedule though.

4. To find myself spiritually again. This became a little muddled in 2008. Note to self: future blog topic. FAILED, but we did take steps to change this in the latter half of 2009. New bible study in the fall, church visiting, etc.

5. OK, so this is silly, but well, I will still type it despite a very high probability of being ridiculed for it - to be able to play ONE song on the drums at the expert level of Rock Band. SUCCEEDED!
And, #6, Get rid of this squirrel! SUCCESS!

It was a mixed bag, but I am ok with it. Even in the failures, I see promise. Onto 2010!

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