Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday, October 25

I have started a few post as we camp out in the basement for market. I just didn't feel the groove to finish them. May at some point, but not now. I was beginning to think that maybe this drive to write was over. Good while it lasted and may come back later. BUT THEN, something just fell into my lap which really could not be passed over.

Yesterday, when school was dismissing, Sadie set off the fire alarm. I am NOT KIDDING. Before we go any further let me clarify that every eye witness confirms to me that it was COMPLETELY ACCIDENTAL. My poor, poor little girl. She was jemmying along the wall waiting with my fellow car pool mom (bless her heart) for the 3rd graders to be dismissed. Her back was to the wall and with arms held over her head, she somehow hit the alarm (which did not have a protective cover). She had no idea she was the culprit and even asked the mom, "What is that noise - is that the fire alarm?" The unfortunate thing was that the middle school who was not due out for another 45 minutes to an hour had to completely clear out as well. I am sure there was some chaos as students and parents were trying to connect on a Friday afternoon and some classes still had to go to their designated fire alarm position. I can only imagine - just really, really glad I did not have to deal with that.

It must have been a blessing that the car pool mom was there instead of me. I mean, I would not have been kind to Sadie - even if accidental. I was mortified when my carpool mom told me in my own driveway and I can only imagine how I would have been had I been present. I praise God that Sadie was spared that humiliation as I know, sadly, that I would not have been able to control myself. I would have destroyed her little spirit. Pride is a terrible, terrible thing in my life and I pray to God to destroy it in me.

Thankfully, fabulous report cards came home Friday and Sadie's behavior improvements over last year (even with the same teacher this year) were amazing. I am so proud of her! Ethan rocked as usual. Rewards to come!

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