Saturday, November 01, 2008

Sex, Religion and Politics

Well, once again, I have allowed "this world" to cloud any sort of judgment, mar my ability to think clearly and completely explode my perspective until it is kiltering on the edge - in danger of falling of into the grand canyon of insanity. It is time for me to stop. Stop reading websites with political news, stop reading emails sent to me by my ultra right and semi-left friends and family, stop reading an ultra-liberal blog I frequent - and probably just turning off news television - what could I miss in 4 days, right? Instead, it is time to get back into "God's world."

I remember reading an email a few years ago from a friend who is pretty liberal. She was trying to convince me of some political viewpoint. She was fairly active in her local political scene. Our emails didn't end very well as I kept trying to reach her heart - what was her basis of life, where did she find meaning, etc. She couldn't get past legalizing gay marriage. I remember thinking how sad, her life's meaning is tied up in such earthly, temporal things. And, now, here I sit guilty of doing the exact thing.

I read news on a political candidate today that just made my blood boil and I am not even sure why. So much, in fact, that it spilled forth onto my family in biting words. I then proceeded to post a comment on a ultra-liberal blog (anonymously, of course) and went so far as to post a status on facebook about it. May lose some friends in the process. I lost my mind!

My mind needs to remain fixed on the highest authority. For those that have not taken a moment to read John Piper's most excellent article, please do so now. Here It is a great reminder that voting is our duty according to the bible, but our lives need not hinge on it. As with all of this world, this election will fade away. What time I have wasted on this election when I could have spent it with Him! I have allowed this election to come between me and my sweet Savior and for that, I will spend some time with Him confessing, repenting and asking for forgiveness.

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