Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Few Words

I am running out of time as we leave for a little getaway to celebrate 10 years of marriage. We will be away for 5 whole days...ahhhhhhhh.

But before I leave, I want to make a couple of comments on things that have been brooding and stewing in my mind in order to see how my perspective might change after I have had time to wind down, sit on a beach, have a cold beverage and have no one ask me for a thing...except if I want another cold beverage.

1. People seem to be very, very uptight regarding politics and finances. I can understand the finances. The politics seem so very skewed, so very out of perspective. One president does not change the country. It is a collective effort. If you look very, very closely, the two candidates are really not that different. A radical change would be Ralph Nadar or Ron Paul. But, those that scream change..we need change...still aren't really ready to go out on a limb to take that risk.

2. I am very confused and contemplative about whether I make comments about situations in analysis, in humor or deep down is that simply masked for deep-seeded complaining. Thank you, bible study, for that wrestling.

3. Why is it that 4 pounds is the difference between my clothes fitting and being entirely uncomfortable at the end of the day?

4. The Shack - a means, just like a worship music, bible studies/commentaries, etc. to get people to have their spiritual life rejuvenated, to start seeking him again. People quote songs, other books (including me quoting speakers I have heard), Kay Arthur, John Piper and it is fine. People quote the Shack , are excited about the book, and they might be perceived of making it their own bible. Are these legitimate concerns, is the Shack something we should all be leery of?

5. Why did I feel compelled to try to win (unsuccessfully) tickets off the radio this morning? Tickets go on sale Friday. I have not been to a concert in ages and would really like to go to this one. Maybe even take a child or two with me. I should just order tickets when I get back.

6. Why are we still using irons in this world? Why is that job never done? Why do they even bother with fabrics that require ironing?

7. Why did it take me 4 whole typed pages to write out schedules, carpools, needs for out three children when we will only be gone on a 5 day/4 night trip? Are our lives that complicated? Are my kids that high-maintenance? Seriously, I am analyzing my purpose and motive here.

8. Is the reason why the cookies Ethan had to make for scouts tasted good, but had a little odd texture because he used "I can't believe it's not butter" butter?

9. Will Lily ever get entirely dressed on her own. Have I allowed her to work me with the excuse, "I am scared, Mommy?" Ok, I know the answer to this one as I type it. I don't need 5 more days.

10. What kind of lizard did Sadie catch today? Very large, very unique, a little scary. How does she do it?

Found some great blogs the other day. I will post links when I get back. Seriously great blogs. After reading them I am certain to stop mine any day now! Off to....vacation with my hubby!

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The Kellums said...

Kelsey...I love reading your blog! You are a hoot! Miss seeing you around school! Hope your trip was relaxing!

Kelly Kellum