Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Comments from a reader

After I wrote my entry "Getting Freaky" I received an email from an long-time friend. She had much to comment on and rather than type it in the comments section, she emailed me. What is amazing about this friend is that she has the MOST amazing memory of any person I know - tiny details, events, emotions, etc., have been perfectly preserved in her mind. Ones that have long since left my brain. Scarily, sometimes they aren't even familiar and I was central to the story (how does that happen). Anyway, I asked her permission to post some of her comments as they 1) add to the content of the post (details that I have forgotten) and 2) add to the humor. Thanks, Jennifer, for the permission!

In reference to the LOVE CLUB entry:
First of all, the club thing...do you remember when I started the Muppets club and you and Ansley came over and upstairs in my house? You and I (I made the correction) had to be between 9 and 12 years old. I think Angela came too. We all picked characters to be (code names): I was Mrs. Piggy, you were Kermit, and I distinctly remember Ansley choosing Fozzie Bear. Vivid memory for me about Ansley. We drew pictures that day and that's when I realized what a good artist Ansley was. Also everyone had to bring 25 cents for dues. Is this bringing back any memory for you?
All this to say how cute the club thing is for Sadie. The promise and water bowl are in the movie. At least her club already has a purpose in mind...mine didn't. Looking back on it, that's sad.

Secondly, on the things that scared you (or scarred you depending on how many "r"s I include in the spelling!)...
You are not alone in the Ouija board thing...Jeff had an experience w/ one in college. He wasn't playing it but the spirit was directly attacking him by name on the board as roommates/suitemates played. All b/c he was a Christian. He argued scripture to it and it was saying, "Kill Jeff". His story gives me chill bumps. I'd love to hear yours!

That slumber party...was I there? Who hired the storyteller...anyone I know? Was it Jackie Templeton, storyteller? She told a story called "Tillie" that was pretty scary. I saw her twice, once at the HP Theatre and another time I can't recall and I'm wondering if the party was it. I know I've heard "Tillie" twice. Is that the ghost story you speak of? The Jamestown ghost is another one that gets me.
BTW - She is correct in the name of the story teller and the name of the story!

Has anyone else had time to think through what is scary or just freaked them out? I would add two more movies: "Children of Men" and "The Day After Tomorrow".

Additionally, I love when there are comments. One day, I plan on printing this blog for my children (no other ambitions). The comments will go along with them so would like for those that peruse this blog to make their mark.

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