Monday, March 03, 2008

Monday, March 3, 2008

Accomodating Esotropia - new glasses, doing well - surgery still possible.
Needs to help mom "Brush" the potato crumbs out of the bed - which she can't do because she doesn't have a brush

Throwing away school work - the devastating revelation that her mean mommy does
Crushed at having to leave the puppies when Bobo was nearly attacked by momma dog - she hated Bobo at that moment

Sweet, sweet older brother to Lily - caters to her, loves her, likes for her to sleep with him - without bringing to his bed "beep beep or sound toys" as he has taught her to say
Feeling a little sicky today - sore throat - handling it quite well.

The end of an era - the revolving door of pets in the Dumoulin household. Over the past three years, we have had:
1 dog
2 cats
3 puppies (sweetie, and two other found puppies)
4 love birds
2 hermit crabs - one of which made trip to church in Sadie's underwear and then, forgotten, spent time in my car
Not pets, but found three wild birds in the house, one baby squirrel and a bat
2 field mice - one found in car, one found in pantry and then lost in my car, then caught in my car, then clubbed to death by Sadie.

Now - we have:
1 dog - Bobo - who we started with and will end with. NO MORE PETS! I can't take it and will not suffer through any more tears from my children. As I write this, the children have not noticed that the birds have been gone for over a week. That pretty much says it all - who took care of the pets, who loved them. Actually, it is probably not their tears I am tired of, it is mine. The only thing I take care of worse...houseplants. We have one, a peace lily, which has been here since Ansley's death. That would be a record. Only Bobo beats it (and he only has one eye).


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