Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

So, Sadie amazes me. Just simply amazes me with her analytical ability. She figured out how to ride a bike (Ethan's big bike, too) all by herself. She understood that she needed to have a pedal up at the top to start off and she figured out how to slow down and hop off. She ran in all excited that she rode Ethan's bike as I was not outside. I went outside with the camera and got it all on film (digitally speaking that is).

Last night, Jay let her play some computer game on his phone (I'll get the name of it later). In a very short time, he saw that she had a strategy and actually beat his high score. He told me that he was just astounded by her analytical ability.

On a cuter side - her favorite word is jib-let. Not giblet like a turkey, but jiblet. She uses it to define things that are small. Mommy, are we a little closer to the beach - like just a tiny little jiblet closer? She also said, are we just a raindrop closer? It is interesting to see how they perceive sizes or things. Cute.

Ethan nearly broke his thumb and garnered some good road rash in a bike spill in the driveway. However, he has done well this day after and is mending quickly. He is not very confident on his bike - well, that isn't true, he just panics easily. Wonder where he gets that from - HA HA!

Just got the results of my breast MRI. Thank God it was totally negative. What a relief! I didn't allow myself to get too stressed, but as the time for the cruise drew nearer, I knew I wanted to know before I left. They just called. I thought I wouldn't get another one for 5 years, but they said every other year in addition to yearly mammograms. Evidently, the sister relationship and cancer under 50 put me in the highest risk category. Nothing I can do about that one.

Missed Ansley alot this week. Not too weepy, just missing her. I needed her to find a dress for the cruise and she had such honest (sometimes brutally honest - hee hee) opinions that made shopping so easy. She could be honest, she had great style (except for the cloud shirt and some other mis-purchases) and had the availability to me. No one else really fits that spot. I know it is not such a significant thing - clothes shopping. But we did a lot of that together and had fun doing it.

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