Monday, November 20, 2006

November 2006

Things seems really, really tough lately. Ansley is not well and it really makes me sad and emotional. After some conviction from the Lord, I am decided to go off Zoloft. I realized I was taking it as a treatment for sin (anger, emotions, etc.) and I wasn't at the root of the problem. How can it really be solved - for me to really let go of the control, house clean issue that I have? It is so tough and so minute by minute by minute. It is so yucky to go through this and I wonder if there will ever be an end.

I plan on looking at pictures taken over the past couple of months in order to accurately blog what all has gone on.

In general, however, Lily has taken off in the speech department. Instead of saying "I come," she now says stuff like, "I am coming." She loves to put puzzles together and truly "play" with toys and things. As always I want to have more time to play with her and interact and do art things. Last week she saw the letter "W" and gave it to me and said "dub-ya." I was pretty impressed. In October, she went from saying Ma-ma, to Mom-Mom to Mommy. Her hair seems to grow and grow and grow and I realize it is just about time to get it cut! It is so incredibly LONG and beautifully thick! She still loves Dora and Barney. She likes to play with anything that has buttons and makes noise. It is time to reorganize her room so she can reach some toys and play in her room. I probably need to get some shelves in her closet for toys as well since she doesn't have the built-ins like Sadie. We moved her into a big bed over market and for the most part it was such easy transition. I was resistent, but Jay pushed it because of furniture market. She only had one or two nights of getting out of bed. She responds well to spanking and stayed in after that. I have had some trouble iwth napping during the day. She likes to pull all the clothes out of her drawers - I don't know why.

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